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    Ever seen an R27 from the sky?

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    Middle East Megalio

    Yeah please do! Lots the part
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    Mate was bored so borrowed my car to detail!

    Wow.. those wheels are so white they hurt my eyes mate!
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    Ross's Supercharged AG RS200

    Hang in there... you are the true owner, once done it will be nothing short of EPIC. Its very special car! Good On you mate.
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    New Clio RS 197 Owner from South Africa

    Nice to see another local rider on here.. enjoy the Reno Bro!
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    Emissions light on and car won't go, has to warm up first... ?

    Hi guys, car has flexi 's that need replacing but my emissions light came on and then the car want go or even rev freely... only once its warmed up does the car move... any ideas were to look first?
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    New Member

    Welcome, enjoy the ride!
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    Lewis's RB Clio 197

    Yeah with so much downtime and no tools.... makes Jack a dull boy
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    Silverstone Edition 200 - AST 5100

    Thank you kindly, love the lads on here! stay safe
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    06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

    Just spent the last few hours going over your progress, I do recall several posts but was nice to see it again, you have one of the most progressive card on here and your love for the French machine is very evident! I hope one day my ride gets as much love as your car, anyways, stay safe and...
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    Silverstone Edition 200 - AST 5100

    Possible to have a pic of these rad supports you guys are talking about?
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    Silverstone Edition 200 - AST 5100

    So far so good, plenty of down time available now
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    Renault clio 197 F1 team from Slovenia

    looking good!
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    Catcams 5504402 - OWNERS thread, Q&A

    Any reviews on those 402 cams, drivers still happy?
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    Flacsi's Racing Red 197

    Hi buddy... you still Clio ing?