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    Exterior door handles

    No, didn't get around to fixing it actually. Kinda got used to it not working so it doens't bother me as much.
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    When the wife borrows the car

    I think that these things are quite easy to drive efficiently IF you can resist the urge to drive them like they are supposed to be driven. I can easily get 36 imperial mpg combined but shifting at 2k rpm ain't no fun. Usually I get around 32. I wonder what you guys are doing to get 20 mpg...
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    Wheel Offset & Rim Widths (Please Help)

    You still run standard width so the standard offset still applies.
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    mk5 Clio reveal today

    Did it though? Didn't they lose bunch of customers to the Fiesta because of the auto-only BS? I'm hoping that @Marsch has the wrong info here but tbh. it wouldn't surprise me if he's right. Maybe they'll do the same mistake they did with the edc and make the top of the line Clio a "sporty...
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    mk5 Clio reveal today

    The TV in the middle could've been made smaller. Other than that, interior looks nice. Good to see a full digital gauge-cluster, not like that mess they put in the Megane. EDIT: RS arriving in...
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    Front Wheel Bearings

    @krash67 sorry to bother you mate but are the hubs/bearings pressed into the hub carrier or simply held in place by 4 bolts?
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    Ken's RS 200 daily/trackday car

    I think the BMW driver slammed on the brakes because the Donkervoort in front of him did, he was being cautious. You can see the Donkervoorts brake lights just when you move to the left to avoid the BMW.
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    Exterior door handles

    Hello guys. So the keyless entry on the driver side hasn't worked for a few months now and I'd like to get it working again which means replacing the door handle as nothing else seems to solve the problem. I've looked at RPD but there aren't any on sale there so it looks like I'll have to buy a...
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    Better scuttle drains on new models?

    Might try that. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Better scuttle drains on new models?

    @Antti O yup, there are trees around the parking I use but then there are trees around every single one around my apartment and I don't see any of my neighbors cleaning their drains. The trees are to blame yes but so is Renault for the drain design. Anyway, I started this thread to see if it's...
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    Better scuttle drains on new models?

    I'm sorry but I have no idea. Everything worked fine on my car even with that much water in there. The wipers can get affected by the water because the motor is right where the water collects but I don't see how the alarm can get affected. Most likely unrelated.
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    Better scuttle drains on new models?

    So it's been raining like crazy for the past few days here in Sweden so I thought I'd check the drains. I cleaned them a couple of months ago so I kinda hoped they were doing what they're supposed to but instead found this. You can almost take a bath in there ffs. Does anyone know if they...
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    Front Suspension Dead, Suggestions?

    +1 for the B14s mate. They are great on the road and decent on trackdays. They seem quite well built too. I find it funny how every time an average person (read not into cars) rides with me they complain about the ride and wonder if I have any springs at all on the car! And here we are talking...
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    Fitting a 200 cup ARB to a 197

    Why would you want a thicker ARB at the front? Surely it will increase understeer? Just curious.
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    What do you all think to this

    Oh man! Ordered three of these bad boys. Will fit all three of them in series for that 50% gain :tearsofjoy: