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    Joe's GW Clio 200

    He doesn't have one Sean, Toyo manifold and then secondary decat too.
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    Unable to View

    Because you're not a paid member, it's not time served, the for sale section and how-to areas etc are for paid members only
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    197 cup with quilted leather seats?

    They were an option, but very pricey so not many opted for them (as they opted for Recaros instead), someone previously could have retrofitted them into your car, as I'm not sure if they were an option for an actual cup car (I'm not talking about a cup packed car). Either way, they are "rare"...
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    Track Day Scrutineering Yes / No.....

    This, for example no leaks on my E36 then right at the end of the day my output seal on gearbox started weeping. But then I agree to a point with you, as some cars at some days I have seen which would fail a non-thorough MOT, let alone a real one. My alignment place (he used to work on touring...
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    Weird Left Turning

    Thanks, yeah I got these spare hubs as I wanted to swap over new balljoints etc, but i'll wack them on and rebuild my currently fitted ones (as a test as they were perfect for PITA as he did same as me for his track car).
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    Weird Left Turning

    That's the thing, nothing has been changed recently lol, why I'm so confused, springs are not broken, brakes are fine, so could be lower ball joints (I have a pair of hubs I got off @PITA that are very low miles, so will swap them over), so why I'm pointing at the steering rack or associated...
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    Weird Left Turning

    Tyres are all good, pressures all good too. As it's an EPAS system, I'm thinking it's got a fault of current in 1 direction? Like I said I've checked the "obvious" things, it's so weird!
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    Weird Left Turning

    I have a weird one on my car, if I turn right (so say I put an input of 20degs) it drives as it did previously, but if I do the same left, it feels like it is over-assisting / like it's turning way more! The faster you are driving the worse it is, like it throws you left! It was scary the first...
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    Tom's Track Car - BMW E46 -Lots of updates

    I read about Foxy's engine problems, I didn't know you had work done at the same place! Yeah it sounds very odd and either the biggest coincidence ever, or as you suspect something is wrong! Loving this as usual mate, also wiring makes me wanna cry, so good luck with that haha.
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    197 - 3D Printing Ideas

    Cage it is.....
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    197 - 3D Printing Ideas

    I think a better idea would be an arm coming from the middle light going straight down (utilising not only the bolts for this but also hiding wiring to power the GoPro). a half cage #ManMaths
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    197 - 3D Printing Ideas

    No I was just checking (as you may know the OP or something lol) drop me a message of what's needed / dimensions etc, can see what can be done.
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    197 - 3D Printing Ideas

    Yeah worth an ask, but you'll see once you've spent many, many hours doing stuff and printing and re-printing stuff, why people are reluctant to share their files. Nothing wrong with an Ender 3, I have an Ender 3 V2, it's been great once you've done and printed a few upgrades. With stuff like...
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    197 - 3D Printing Ideas

    A few of us on here have 3d printers, I don't sell bits but I am sure most people who do will not want to share their CAD that they've spent time perfecting. What did you go for? The first few weeks or months will be learning how to use it properly (if you have never had one), there will be...
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    Fitzys DB 197 track/weekend toy

    @lewishunter98 had (has?) a Oreca system on his.