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    Removing 200 Rs gearknob

    Has anyone ever struggled to remove the genuine Rs gearknob. I have removed the original fine with some strong tugs but for the life of me I just cannot get this one off. Wondering if Renault now design them to be a one time fit so you can’t remove them any longer? Your comments would be...
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    Personalised plate

    looking to sell a personalised plate that came with my car as I’m putting my own personal one on wondering what it’s worth. It’s CL10 GTB Has anyone sold one similar on here before? Cheers Scott
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    200: Clio 200 for those interested

    His names sideways Sid he used to own a mk7 fiesta st and put videos of him pratting about in it “sideways”
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Hmmmm dunno I’m using them for a week but I won’t be on the Nurburgring all week if that makes sense. Tough one
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    so do you reckon the 1144 all round would be ok for track use?
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Wondering weather to go for the Mintex 1144 brake pads all round wondered if anyone’s doing this setup with the standard discs?
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Cheers bud
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Does anyone happen to know when the Nurburgring will realise the 2019 tourist dates?
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Ah ok thats interesting to know I will definitely check for that. Blimey I thought the standard brakes would be pants on that kinda track. Sounds like the AD08R'S are the tyre to go for I will check them out cheers all :)
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Thanks it’s my 2nd time to the ring but first in the 200 last time I took a fiesta st and had some ns2R nankang tyres they were immense but just want to make sure I have the right setup for maximum fun which won’t break the bank.
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    It’s a tourist drive/ track days
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    200: Nurburgring Prep

    Im off to the Nurburgring next year. To prep the car what tyres are the best Track tyres but reasonably priced? Also brake pads with original discs what are the best options? I am potentially willing to replace the discs I just want the best track setup to guarantee a good trip. Any advice is...
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    Replacement bulbs for led

    do you know where I can get replacement bulbs for leds for the 200?
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    Rs gearknob

    Am i correct in thinking the 197 is a 6 speed the same as a 200? Basically ive brought a RS gearknob off ebay which never stated 5/6 speed and according to renualt parts its because its the wrong part number and is a 5 speed one not a 6 speed. any advice welcomed
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    Hmmmm that’s weird wonder why they said that then