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    Aircon Pressure Switch

    1, No 2, Yes
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    Final drive ratio

    I believe they all have the same final ratio
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    Final drive ratio

    You need a TL4 019 / 021 / 029 / 031/ 042
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    Door Handles (exterior)

    Yes, same number both sides 7701478162
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    GW 200 CUP (clubsport->racecar)

    Roof scoop inbound
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    R20 BTG - 200 Cup Track Car Blog

    Love it boys! I bet that was an awesome trip! The car looks mega
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    What the coolant for 197

    Type D
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    Top mounts - Silver Project or Compbrake

    I’d pay the extra for the Pure Motorsport ones
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    New Membership Packages NOW LIVE

    I can access it with the basic paid membership
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    PMS Shifter Kit - thoughts?

    It centres itself
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    PMS Shifter Kit - thoughts?

    Setup took a bit of back and forth to set the gate so that you had to lift the collar for reverse. After that it’s been perfect, I’ve not needed to re-adjust it or maintain it. I love the position and feel compared to the standard shifter but I’ve not had a ZPO to compare.
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    Hogg's Albi 197 track car

    You’re not going to notice a few KG in a Clio. I’d stick with a simple lead battery like the red top or PC680
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    Glacier White 200 Cup

    Rear wiper delete :thumb: Did you put the nut back on the earth behind the headlight?