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    Back Again!

    It’s the North Coast 500, it follows the very North coast of Scotland including the East and West....
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    Back Again!

    Nice purchase and welcome back! I took my 200 around the NC500 back in September and it was epic!
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    Lewis's Clio 200 Cup

    Yeah I agree about the RS knob - love mine! A bit steep for what it is, but one of my favourite changes I've made to mine....
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    The Driving Motive Clio 200

    Great thread and pictures. Nice to see it being enjoyed properly. Like the mods, agree with Beany, some Recaro's would be the icing on the cake!
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    Matt's 200

    Great stuff! Love seeing the Clio 200 and GP2 together, just shouts petrolhead.
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    Matt's 200

    Great thread this! Really like the steering wheel!! Did Jack give you a choice of colour for the Alcantara, or is that his default choice? Love that face you pulled when you got the airbag off!! Ha
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    New carbon door bullets fitted.....

    Thanks, I’m really pleased with them!
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    New carbon door bullets fitted.....

    No probs :thumb:
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    New carbon door bullets fitted.....

    Thanks, they’re from Carbon Skin’s / Matthew Hayward. Great quality!
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    Gris Asphalte RS200 Cup

    Ooooft, that does look good!!
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    Matt's Ultra Blue Megane R26 - Update Nov 2021

    Loving your 275! Just picked up a similar one myself after selling my Clio 200, although I'm jealous of your sunroof! Mines like yours, Akrapovic exhaust, Leather Recaro's, RS Monitor and the optional Ohlin's! It's had an upgraded intercooler, intake and re-map by RS-Tuning and is pushing 305...
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    What have you done to your car today??

    Yeah, replied to your PM. :blush:
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    R27 ur clean up

    Nice work!! Look forward to more updates...
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    Went for an evening hoon.....

    Thanks mate, not bad for an iPotato.... :tearsofjoy: