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    Seized handbrake cables!!

    I've replaced both of mine recently.
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    Cage + carpet R26r style

    That grey acoustic carpet looks quite similar actually! Spotted the ktec one earlier, not willing to pay £80+ for a rear carpet!
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    Cage + carpet R26r style

    Finally managed to get an oulton park cage, wanting to carpet the rear also giving it an R26r style. Had a look through a few threads but no definitive answers to wear you can get a similar coloured/style carpet. May sound stupid but do carpet shops actually sell vehicle style carpet?
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    mid winter wash

    That is stunning!! Is that Laminx on the headlights?
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    mid winter wash

    What spoiler do you have fitted? Looks great!
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    Xenon projectors weird auto-levelling problem

    I've got this exact problem, I ran through gff and got rear sensor outside tolerance. Ordered a rear sensor from Renault 3 times now and they supplied me with the wrong one each time!! Very frustrating!! But have noticed the wiring slightly green so may be high resistance. @blackpanther I m...
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    Mackie Motors Brechin

    My gf got her twingo RS from there, pretty decent service.
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    Bolt in Cage - Oulton ( Read 2nd page )

    Any update on a group buy or prices yet?
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    Bolt in Cage - Oulton ( Read 2nd page )

    I'm very interested if a group buy goes ahead, look forward to hearing what custom cages say.
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    Rear calipers

    When 'stripping' them are you removing the seals and piston?
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    This is gonna sound as insane as it looks! Great work
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    irish Glacier white 197 :)

    Look forward to a bid of the exhaust soon!?
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    Finally got xenons fixed

    I just ordered a rear xenon level sensor through a main dealer, 3 weeks later posted from France.... Wrong one! I'm not planning on using them agin, constant screw ups! What were your xenons Problems? Pointing straight to the ground?
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    Brake fluid change, drain order?

    Replaced pads, discs, new retaining pins etc this evening. Gave the car it's 2nd fluid change in a week and the brakes are 100% perfect now! Braided lines soon so another fluid change coming up haha