Cage + carpet R26r style

Finally managed to get an oulton park cage, wanting to carpet the rear also giving it an R26r style.
Had a look through a few threads but no definitive answers to wear you can get a similar coloured/style carpet.
May sound stupid but do carpet shops actually sell vehicle style carpet?


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Halfords sell it believe it or not. Most car audio places will have it to...

Have a search on eBay for "Acoustic Carpet", that should bring up something close.
That grey acoustic carpet looks quite similar actually!
Spotted the ktec one earlier, not willing to pay £80+ for a rear carpet!
make your own, just go get some flimsy board (like in the back of cheap ikea wardrobes) and cover it with carpet yourself, make a template out of card first

edit: Dunelm Mill for the fabric :smile: