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    Benno's UR197 & Meg 250

    Slowly moving up the country mate... you’ll be a northerner before you know it [emoji23] Congrats on the job and looking forward to the future of this!! It’s awesome already!
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    Clio RS200T - Track/Road

    Cheers guys! Yeah it somehow makes it look much bigger! I love them.... So... went up to Snowdon after work last night, to take some pictures of Crib Goch at sunset. I’ll share some when I’ve edited them. But I had a mate with me in the car (owns a 380bhp M135i) and a mate behind me in a...
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    Holidays 2018..............

    Where abouts man?! I’ve just got back from 4 days sailing with some mates in Croatia. Split to Hvar and around the islands [emoji1305] Awesome place and the sea is incredible!
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    Clio Red bull 2012 not starting

    @link you’re a genius! Fair play Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The alcohol thread

    My mate got one for new year.... used it many times over the season (he’s a City fan, so got more excuses for a beer than being an Everton fan [emoji23] ) But it’s brilliant, lasted a lot longer than I thought too! Going to invest for summer me thinks
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    If anyone on here....

    I feel I’d rather put my left ball in a vice... but appreciate the thought [emoji23]
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    If anyone on here....

    Where do we stand on hats? I drive wearing a hat sometimes, but completely agree on hoods [emoji1]
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    Clio RS200T - Track/Road

    Amen haha! It’s a completely different thing to drive... feels like you’re doing 300mph when you’re doing 60 down a lane! Put some running boards on tonight, and i think they change it so much!
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    Clio RS200T - Track/Road

    Cheers lads... Well I had to replace the Mrs’s KA [emoji23] so abit of an upgrade for her! Costs the same to fill up as the Clio and over twice the mileage too! So a good compromise
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    Clio RS200T - Track/Road

    Cheers boys.... I think after a period of calming down, I’ll try and find another one and try some spacers. Fingers crossed one comes up ASAP. In the meantime, the new car has turned up! Still need to put the Running Boards on, but I love it. Options are: Night Pack 20” Bi-Colour Alloys...
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    Clio RS200T - Track/Road

    Had a nightmare today with the 1.2’s.... Went to put them on, to take a daily wheel to get a valve replaced, and popped the centre out of a wheel. Looks like I’ve overlooked the hub length of the Clio, and should of used a spacer. But that would of thrown the offset even more off and probably...
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    Spigot rings...

    So came to go away on Friday night, filled with fuel and went to pump up the passenger rear. But nothing would go in, it appears the valve is goosed. Tried the compressor on the other tyres and it was fine. Not the end of the world, but means I’m going to have to put the TD1.2’s on for abit...
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    Doing my CBT. Any tips?

    Mate, I went on the pavement by accident on my CBT and still passed, when I was 16. You’ll be fine [emoji23][emoji23]
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    F1 season 2018 comments here

    I think in his mind, he could spin it a lot tighter and avoid the cars going round the back of him, as he could see them going that way.... Unfortunately, that didn’t work did it [emoji23]
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    My 1-2hour wash?!

    That was exactly my thinking... cheers Sean [emoji1305]