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    Clio 220 Trophy advice

    looking at buying a 220 Trophy & was hoping some of the current owners could tell me if there are any common faults to look out for.
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    If Porsche made a hot hatch

    What did you use to clean the alloy parts
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    Spring Colour Codes

    blue/violet is definitely for 2010 onwards as it is narrower at the top to suit the later style top mounts Blue/orange is the older style.
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    1st wash of 2017

    Gets you away from the wife for a few hours !!!
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    1st wash of 2017

    Decided to take the RS out of hibernation & give it a wash since it was a nice weekend Booked in for mot on Saturday
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    Golf Gti Clubsport

    It's definitely Front Wheel drive Main differences are weight saving & the S has different front discs & compound of pads & 19bhp more
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    Golf Gti Clubsport

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    Golf Gti Clubsport

    Really enjoying it, great car to drive with the Dynamic Chassis Control & the Michelin cup 2 tyres. Can see why the car mags rave about them
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    Golf Gti Clubsport

    No just fwd, clubsport is a special edition to celebrate 40 years of the golf gti
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    Golf Gti Clubsport

    Had a test drive in a focus RS last Monday & this feels just as quick & far nicer to drive.
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    Golf Gti Clubsport

    I will get more pics & post them. 0-60 - 6.3. 155mph 265bhp 290 on overboost. 2 litre engine
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    Golf Gti Clubsport

    fancied one of these since they came out. After lots of searching managed to get one with the spec I was looking for. Really impressed with it so far
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    Delay in Clio 220 Order

    Is there not dealers with trophys in stock ?
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    Sold the 265 Trophy :( replacement inside

    Good luck with the temptation to modify you'll need deep pockets if you don't lol, but great cars though. I had a 9 MR RS that I sold about a year ago, spent an absolute fortune on it. did you get the underside checked for rust etc before buying as they can rust surprisingly quickly if not...
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    Warranty on 200 recaros & steering wheel

    Was just wondering if anyone else has had any joy with renault regarding warranty claims on the usual recaro bolster wear & peeling steering wheel. i had the car into renault for a service today & asked them to condsider warranty claims on the above on the basis that the car was less than 3...