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    Clean 197

    Yeah very true mate
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    A few from the weekend

    So clean mate
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    Clean 197

    Thanks mate still needs a bit of work but it’s only used on dry days and weekends now I reckon will get some parts sprayed up as it’s had a lot of neglect over the recent years of previous drivers :( and I’m sure it was used on track a fair few times too
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    Glacier White 200 Cup

    The Megane and Clio are both looking wicked mate the meguiars ultimate compound with the ultimate polish and tech wax 2.0 is really good. It helps all problems with the paint work especially if you get a polisher. I like the tech wax it’s really nice and makes the car pop and protects it well...
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    JMR's LY200

    the roads up that way look wicked will be fun ! Mate and yeah hopefully lockdown gets better and then can go on holiday again me and the missus want too go Cornwall if we can’t go abroad dying too take my car for a long drive and a road trip :laughing:
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    JMR's LY200

    Looks so clean and tidy mate
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    Joe's GW Clio 200

    When I was out with my mate recently his friend met us and he’s got a clio 200 toyo manifold full decat and scorpion exhaust and it has a custom pop and bang map, in my opinion I think it sounded awesome mate and you can here the crackles and pops from ages away and it’s loud and sounds awesome...
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    Big Bens Albi T

    They Look really good the interior is wicked !
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    Clean 197

    Thanks mate !:thumb: I do wanna upgrade the alloys in time current wheels are proline PXF Matt bronze they’re nice for the price
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    Clean 197

    yes mate! :french:. Since owning the car I’ve had a lot of work mostly done with a friend who owns back street mechanic but it’s just got too the point I’ve had a fair bit done too it water pump timing belt thermosat and gasket replaced front wheel bearings and some work done with actual Renault...
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    Clean 197

    The works getting done with Alex from AW Motorworks he is based in Braintree area mate so I reckon he will do it
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    Clean 197

    A little trip out today in the 197 might take it out more this month depending on weather. But next month It’s getting fresh oil change and filter, engine coolant flush, brake fluid and gearbox oil all fresh and then a Ktec full exhaust system beginning of June :blush: finally get rid off the...
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    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Car looks amazing, must be a weapon on track mate !
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    LY MK3 197

    looks so clean really nice car !
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    Thanks Beany for the reply mate !