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    New Membership Packages NOW LIVE

    Thanks guys
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    New Membership Packages NOW LIVE

    Hi guys, which membership gives access to the ‘How To’ section? I used to be able to access it with a normal annual paid membership (years ago) but just checking before I go ahead and buy @Nik @Foxspeed
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    Brake & Clutch Bleeding Questions

    For anyone looking to do this in the future, I encountered problems with my clutch whereby air must have been introduced during bleeding that pumping the pedal nor gravity bleeding could get out. Seems like it can be troublesome as there are lots of posts, especially on Megane forum, about it...
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    Help!! Flushed & Bled Brakes, Now Clutch Does Nothing!!!

    Fixed it!!!!! Not sure why or how but air must have got trapped somewhere that pumping the pedal couldn't move. I hooked up the pressure bleed kit and it started pushing out lots of air bubbles that I hadn't been able to get out before. That was it! Now it works :) For anyone else considering...
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    Help!! Flushed & Bled Brakes, Now Clutch Does Nothing!!!

    Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion about pumping the clutch pedal with a pipe into a milk bottle is pretty much exactly what I've been doing but with my visibleed kit which has a one way valve. What with air getting into the system on bad joints.. this could very well be the case but I...
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    Help!! Flushed & Bled Brakes, Now Clutch Does Nothing!!!

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I have enough fluid in the resevoir, not losing any fluid by the looks of it and hoses all seem fine. That thread was me asking how to flush the system! Only just got round to doing it now like a year later haha. wish I'd never bothered now though :( @krash67...
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    Help!! Flushed & Bled Brakes, Now Clutch Does Nothing!!!

    Hi guys, seriously stressing here. Flushed and bled all my brakes and clutch today with new fluid. I used the visibleed one man kit. Clutch fluid seemed dodgy to begin with - kept coming out with lots of air bubbles and some pumps of the clutch didn't seem to push any fluid out at all. I tried...
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    197: Black 197 / R27 with a death wish near Wellesbourne, Warwickshire

    ...less than sensible overtake.
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    'Poppy' GW FF 200

    [Lewis - can't tag you for some reason] Sorry for the late reply with pics. I see you've put your car up for sale but thought this thread was due an update anyway :) Firstly a few pics from the Brecons run in May. And a few from a trackday at Anglesey in September. It was actually my...
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    Quick question - MOT failure. Front springs broken.

    @Webby My front n/s spring broke last month and it cost me 2x £110 from Renault for genuine 200 cup springs and £170 fitting by Jade Development near Leicesters. So that's £390 all in! I was annoyed at having to spend so much tbh to fix a simple broken spring! I have my old spring for sale if...
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    DECAT, worth it or not?

    I've got an Akrapovic Evo exhaust which deletes the cat. I can't comment on the sound of a decat alone obviously but if you look HERE there should be a couple of videos somewhere. I doubt there will be much of a performance difference. I don't have any emission fault lights or anything on my...
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    Yokohama AD08R - Anyone got them on their 200?

    Yeah you can almost buy 6 Yokos for the price of 4 Michelins! I will probably stick to the Yokos then, they are pretty good and it doesn't seem like there are any better alternatives in the same price range. Mine are 215/45. I'm not lowered either and there is a bit of an arch gap but...
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    Yokohama AD08R - Anyone got them on their 200?

    Hmm not sure I can see too much difference other than your tyres are a lot cleaner than mine! What are the Nankangs like in the dry then, have you taken them on track? They are dirt cheap so just wondering how they compare to AD08Rs in the dry when hammering it.. I was reading up on MPSC2 last...
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    Yokohama AD08R - Anyone got them on their 200?

    I've been looking at some new tyres recently as the AD08Rs I have on my track wheels are past their best (but I think they have just been through too many heat cycles). I can't find anything in the same price range that would be better to replace them with so I'll probably buy them again - £89...
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    Progressive Bump Stops with Dust Covers

    Hi guys, I changed my oil the other day and (after not being able to fit my jack under the car properly) realised my front left spring has broken :( I don't want to buy coilovers (£££) so my decision is between replacing with standard springs, Eibach or Madeno Racing. Eibach have not been...