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    Another Red Baron! (Pic Heavy!)

    Yeah.. requires far too much editing. Just about to buy another Sony Body to use along side it, one with a bit more umph.
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    Side Air Vents

    Seriously.. I'm taking one off this weekend and taking a photo!
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    Loss of power whilst driving!!!

    Mine's 2 years old.. just ticked 14,500.. sounds 8-) 8-)
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    Which glass cleaner

    +1 Get the wife to do the glass. :lol:
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    197 Track car

    A lot more fun track cars to be had without spending 197 money... IMO
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    Loss of power whilst driving!!!

    The gearbox is stiff when cold.. is yours still stiff when its been running?
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    Another Red Baron! (Pic Heavy!)

    forgot to say Jase.. the common files in the Theme. You'll need to refresh the cache and the theme afterwords. G
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    Another Red Baron! (Pic Heavy!)

    Just logged on the Mac and they're cut off as you say.. are you using Firefox? check your common.css on the PHP control panel to see what the [IMG] part is set at.. I think it says something like 'Image Width: ***' or something... needs setting the 100%, the images will appear at 100% of the...
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    Hi, what mods are good for the 197 engine?

    From the above comment 'Cat-cam Kev' is currently Nitromorsing his Clio to put the Stealths beck where they belong.
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    Side Air Vents

    Yeah, I'm guessing same reason as the bumpers.. I only know from someone with a Lux changing the vents to black.
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    I have a Henry and a George. Henry's massively powerful.. absolutely mint! and George is a Wet-Vac as well as Dry, a bit more expensive and bulkier.
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    Some Mini Pic's...

    I love it.. always said I'd buy a new Mini to go with the Old one. I have a vision of spraying them both identical.
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    Interior products

    Forgot to say... If you mix APC with Warm water, it will take away touch brake dust, clean your arches. It's safe on the paint too, so use a brush/toothbrush and spray around window/panel gaps to clean in there :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
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    Interior products

    go to Wilkinsons and buy the following: All Purpose Cleaner (29p/bottle) Soda Crystals (50p ish) Mix APC (60-100ml), Soda Crystals (half a cup) and a pint of warm water into a spray bottle. ;) Should be foamy.. will work on all fabric, carpets.. even fabric hoods (will take the water...
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    Weird R27

    Gaz - Silver Vent's were on the 'Lux' 197 and available as Satin Pack on FF IIRC. Was the petrol cap square? - The 197 has a round cap, where others have square ones. TBH I feel a bit sorry for the chap.. some people do make replica's because they can't afford the proper ones. I have a...