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    Why can't you retrofit xenon headlights?

    I dont get how you can have auto levelling lights without the sensors retrofitted? The lights dont have any form of gyroscope or level to be able to work out which way is up or down. Doesnt surprise me they work with the level roller on a dash though, its probably a more user friendly way of...
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    Rough clio with strange mot

    These cars do need more maintenance. I bought mine at 109k and replaced sooooo much, alot towards the end of its life or as a preventative measure. As much as they like being ragged by the scruff of the neck they also like being regularly petted and looked after.
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    197: A new record miles to a tank/mpg

    Lovely views, quite jealous! I have got just over 400 to a tank before, my last tank was 374 from full to red light coming on. I always think these cars are most efficient at 50mph.
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    Weird wiper question

    I would pop the plastic panel off covering, pop the mechanism off the motor and see if they move freely. Alot of mk3 wiper mechanisms are seizing and display odd features, slow wipers, stopping in a weird place or not going full travel.
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    Anyone else’s clio falling apart?

    They are not any different to any other car, let alone any other performance car. Ive had a few BMW's which have needed injectors, full suspension refreshes and other worn out bits close to 100k. I would say now its age rather than mileage which is worse, but depends on how that mileage happens...
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    Anyone else’s clio falling apart?

    I know what you mean. Mines clocking over 125k now and is 12 years old. I've all but renewed the original suspension with new shocks, springs, front topmounts, both front wishbones, nearside swivel joints, front and back discs, pads, cambelt and waterpump, offside stub axle, both rear calipers...
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    Lower seat rails / suspension questions

    No bud, they would run normal mounts as per the manufacturer of your seats. Most buckets would sit fairly low anyway.
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    Scorpion exhaust tip / trim

    You can buy direct from Scorpion, they have a range. The 200 and 197 exhausts are exactly the same. I have a Miltek 200 resonated and have fitted Scorpion 197 tips (Miltek work differently, their tips are welded on and as such the 197 and 200 systems are different) and just wet and dried the...
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    200 cup hunt

    My own 197 might be up for sale soon, it has 200 Cup shocks and Recaros, interested?
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    Lower seat rails / suspension questions

    Its not, as previously mentioned its on the first setting. There are 3, -30mm, -40mm and -50mm. Thats -30mm from its original height.
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    Lower seat rails / suspension questions

    Ill get some photos, the one below shows the difference from the back. As for Powerflex Id suggest doing the 3 littler ones (Torque mount, dogbone and gearbox) and leaving the large one to minimise vibrations.
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    Lower seat rails / suspension questions

    Thats without any fascia, not that pretty. Its worth bearing in mind that with the fascia he provides, unless you run the frame on the lowest hole (most drop - 50mm) the fascia will look a little odd due to how it mounts. What I did was find a blanking plug for the plastic fascia (the hole for...
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    Lower seat rails / suspension questions

    H&R's are very linear in their spring rate, Eibach are more progressive. Bilstein coilies are the best way. Josh does have his mount on eBay.
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    Lower seat rails / suspension questions

    Id recommend Josh Wheeler's lowering seat mounts also. Theres a few options, depends on how much you want to spend. There are 3 other options on the market: 1. Flacsi, he sell's a modification kit which will lower the frame but this is fixed drop and although probably secure, doesnt look that...
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    197: Thinking about selling my 197...

    I was going to go for a manual as the DSG is something else potentially to go wrong, even though they seem to be reliable when serviced. I know, this is why I wanted a reality check as to whether its just me thinking the grass is greener. In the summer, the Clio is great but seems to get hot...