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    Carbon fibre wrap - recommendations

    I’m looking for a recommended supplier for some 3 and 5d wrap for an interior job. Can anyone recommend a good source for some decent film please
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    New owner Clio 200

    well nearly the best colour :smile:
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    Megane trophy PCP

    Can’t be right
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    220T: Can anyone look at a car for me - Hamptons of Surrey

    It’s a LY 220 Trophy. I’m 200 miles away. Just not brave enough to hit the buy button without viewing
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    Wife dictates it has to be a LY - anything for sale out there ?

    I’m quite untroubled by colour choice but my wife says if we are having one it has to be yellow so if anyone has a late model one they are thinking of selling in LY and this akrapovich exhaust please shout up. Money burning a hole
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    Akrapovich for Mk 4 clio n/a on website

    It would seem from their website that an exhaust for the mk4 200/220 isn’t available albeit it is an option or was on the 220;trophy any ideas?
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    Colour sales ?

    Quiet on here
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    Colour sales ?

    I just wondered if there is a database of sales on the 220 like there is on the earlier Clios. Just interested to know what numbers and colours have sold in this model
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    Clio 220 or GTI PP/TCR

    hey gents thanks for your replies. I do appreciate you taking time to throw a few thoughts down. Just to log a few of my own. I embarked on looking for a “normal” car as I am losing my Kia Niro due to a change in a dealer friends circumstances, I’ve had every Kia over the last 5 years or so...
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    Clio 220 or GTI PP/TCR

    I’m shopping around, I have a few older Clios and although I’m quite loyal to the brand I’m fancying something about 12 months old. I’d sort of settled on a Golf Mk7.5 GTi with performance pack or even the less common TCR for which I’m looking around £26k- £30k Last night however I had a quick...
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    200: Is this information really correct

    That’s really interesting I’ve probably seen it before but can’t remember. I never realised my 200 was more exclusive than my Trophy
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    Side skirts-are there screws or aren’t there?

    sorry to be a pain but when you say torx screws underneath do you mean just on the underside of the sill or under the kick plate badge. If it was just on the underside of the sill, once you’d taken the screws out how did you get the sill off, it still seems well fastened
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    Side skirts-are there screws or aren’t there?

    So there are some under the renault aluminium kick plate on the sill ?
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    200: Suggestions for sourcing recaro CS covers

    Hi thanks. I just fancied the tailored fit ones with the badging