WIFI Signal Boosters??

Discussion in 'Latest Technology' started by Chris197F1, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Hey, im after some help from the I.T. peeps :smile:

    I cant pick up a wireless signal at home in my spare bedroom and the route is too difficult to run an ethernet cable from downstairs. I have been told about something that you can plug in a socket (in the chosen room) and it boosts the signal so you computer can pick it up.

    Can anyone link to what I need because I have no idea what to search for.


  2. we've got a box that plugs into the mains next to the router, and it turns the mains wiring into a wifi arial. I've no idea on the techincal side of how it works, but I have 5 bars of signal 2 floor above the router
  3. Cheers Danny, will have a google!
  4. Look up wireless repeater or wifi repeater station :smile:
  5. I'm fairly confident that's a homeplug adapter, which is ethernet over power, not wifi.

    You will still need to plug a network cable in to both ends of that.
  6. yeah I believe:

    Plug 1 - in to the router downstairs
    Plug 2- -in to my pc upstairs

    If thats the case then its fine as I dont really need it wireless as its only for PC use
  7. Yep that will be perfect for you - and work far better than wifi
  8. Excellent, will order one on my lunch
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    you can get homeplugs that are basically a form of wifi extender, either way they're a great invention and work for the most part very well.
  10. Deaks


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    Ive just moved into a 3rd floor loft room and the signal is shocking. I want WIFI for the xbox, the internet provider is Virgin. Do I need a specific booster? Cheeerssss lads.

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