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  1. ToiletDuck

    ToiletDuck Paid Member

    Ultra Red Clio 197
    Righty then, I've not done one of these for a few years now so be kind :tearsofjoy:.

    My names Steve and I've been lurking on here since buying my 197 in the summer. I had wanted a 197 since before buying my 182 but coming from a moderately tuned Focus ST I didn't want to commit to much to something "French" :anguished:, anyway I got hooked on the 182 but it wasn't big enough(the baby buggy didn't fit in it properly etc etc). So the plan was to keep the 182 until after my trip to the ring with a couple of friends, sell it and buy a 197. However! The 182 decided it wanted to stay in Adenau and developed a missfire while trying to leave.


    That would be the last time I would see the poor thing for 52 days courtesy of the RAC's incompetence.

    Now this forced my hand somewhat as we needed 2 cars at home so I set about looking for a 197. I wanted either a Nimbus or Deep Black. I had planned to go view a DB however the night before the guy text to say he had had an accident in it. (You can see where this is going :tearsofjoy:) So PANIC MODE now in full force I spotted this UR on Autotrader at a dealership up north, persuaded my friend(who is also on here & a 197 owner now himself!) to drive me up and have a look around it.

    Upon arrival it was clear to see the body wasn't as clean as in the pictures(of course) but it had stacks of history, a few mods and print outs for a Remap. I bit the bullet and bought it :confused:.

    I picked it up a week later after, being promised a set of mats, paintwork touched up around the bumper and a fresh MOT. All I ended up with was the MOT :weary:.

    Heyho, I had bodywork planned anyway and a set of mats its neither here nor there. I took a couple of pictures the next day after getting it home.


    The first job I wanted to check out was the drain holes under the scuttle after reading about them becoming blocked. It's a good job I did.


    Equipped with my trusty "pokey stick", the hose pipe and cleaning products they were swiftly unblocked and shiny again.


    I kinda left it alone then, just getting to grips with the awful cold start kangarooing and hopeing it wasn't going to fall apart :tearsofjoy:.

    Time passed, I got the 182 back! HURRAH!


    Yup, Covered in oil... Cheers :unamused:.

    Again with my efforts now all on stripping the goodies off the 182 and getting it ready for sale the 197 stayed as it was. I did however take it for a drive around Wales with some friends.


    I managed to sell the 182 without much hassle, a friend bought it off me for what I wanted from it & all the bits sold quicker than I managed to write for sale ad's :grin:.

    So with that gone & her indoors of my back(she's not that bad, honest :laughing:). I purchased some goodies and fitted them. 2 pairs of 25mm H&R Spacers, a pair of Black surround projectors as I hated the silver reflector type headlights and a cup splitter as my original one was hanging off anyway :anguished:.


    If your still paying attention and haven't clicked the back button yet you'll notice I also tinted the fogs yellow. I'm still unsure on this but they are pretty badly marked underneath so it was to just try and hide that a little really :sunglasses:.

    Time for another drive out round Wales, it's now November(ish) so poor weather and a nice bit of snow around the Elan Valley :screamcat:.


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  2. ToiletDuck

    ToiletDuck Paid Member

    Ultra Red Clio 197

    Having survived the drive out and back, next up was to get the bodywork sorted. There was a crease in the passenger side rear quarter and the chips where it joins the bumper which the dealer failed to address which really bugged me and the usual chips, dents etc.


    While it was in for bodywork I figured I'd get the Handles, Grills, Diffuser & Bullets done in gloss black & the badges redone as the previous effort was poor, I wasn't a fan of the faded silver and satin black plastics so it was the perfect excuse!


    Now this brings us pretty much up to date, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Powerflex lower engine mount as I have a Miltek manifold fitted and, yep you guessed it, knocked on the subframe :rage:. So here's a picture of that :tearsofjoy:.



    If you're still here then well done! I promise they wont all be this long winded but I had to get you all up to date :yum:.


    Current Mods(That I know of :confused:):

    Full Miltek exhaust system
    K&N Air Filter
    Remap by Unknown - Print out for 194bhp(iirc)
    Powerflex lower engine mount

    Cooksport 30mm Springs
    25mm H&R Spacers
    Gloss Black Alloys
    Gloss Black Plastics
    Black Projector headlights
    Cup front splitter

    Tinted rear glass
    Baby Seat :laughing:

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  3. Big Ben

    Big Ben Winner - POTM February 2018 Paid Member

    Great intro to a great looking car!
    Look forward to more posts:thumb:
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  4. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    welcome and what an intro..have to say im impressed..the car looks great and you know your stuff for sure..what caught my eye was the freshly painted grills..cracking job on them....
    enjoy your beast and stay safe :thumb:
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  5. Yiannis197

    Yiannis197 Paid Member

    Clio R27
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Very nice tidying up, well done.
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  6. Benno

    Benno Gold Member

    Great intro Steve!

    Love what you’ve done so far, plenty more to come I’m sure?

    Seeing yours with a Cup front spoiler makes me like the idea of it a little more....

    P.S. In a few weeks you may notice a post with a UR 197 paint job looking very similar, I’m not copying you I promise, literally booked it for bodywork repairs and gloss black touch ups on New Year’s Day!! :tearsofjoy:
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  7. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Great write up Steve and welcome in.

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  8. gabriel hession

    gabriel hession Gold Member

    Clio 197
    Great pictures and write up. Keep going.

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  9. suj

    suj Gold Member

    Birmingham / Warwick
    Nimbus Grey 197
    Lovely work mate, car looks great.

    Also did you mean Toyosport manifold? As I'm sure Milltek never made a manifold for the 197? They do sport cats and catbacks though.
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  10. Johnny 99

    Johnny 99 Platinum Member

    Clio Renaultsport 200
    Nice write up. Welcome aboard.
  11. ToiletDuck

    ToiletDuck Paid Member

    Ultra Red Clio 197
    Thank you for the warm welcome :blush:.

    :tearsofjoy: I won't think that at all mate don't worry, red and black works so well together & gloss black plastics update the look of the car I'd expect everyone to be doing it :grinning:. The cup splitter I begrudged paying the money for as its only a piece of plastic, but I'm glad I did, it makes the front end look much less soft. Now I just need to decide which spoiler I want and get over the price of side skirts :screamcat:.

    You could be right buddy, I had it up in the air a couple of months ago and thought I saw a Milltek tab welded to the manifold as well as the rest of the system but maybe not :confused::tearsofjoy:.
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  12. suj

    suj Gold Member

    Birmingham / Warwick
    Nimbus Grey 197
    Haha, reason I was suggesting it most likely is a Toyosports one, is they are known to knock, normally the dogbone (which you'd done) and the upper torque arm in powerflex sorts it out (but then some people have had to do a notch to the subframe slightly also, but that is worse case).
  13. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Welcome aboard - quite the start you've made! Keep it coming :smile:
  14. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Welcome along to the forum, Steve! Great looking car and great write up! I like what you've done with the gloss black bits, as you say it does go very well with UR. Sounds like you enjoy some good blasts out in the twisties too!
  15. MarcB

    MarcB Gold Member

    LY 197 F1 / Trophy / Escort RST
    Do you have the correct power flex part number for this insert ?

  16. ToiletDuck

    ToiletDuck Paid Member

    Ultra Red Clio 197
    thankfully no notching needed here, haven't heard it knock since doing the bush so happy days :smile:.

    Thanks buddy, I do enjoy a good drive out yeah, makes a nice change from the monotony of inner city commuting and reminds me why I love owning a RenSport! :grin:

    "PFF60-820" is what you're looking for buddy.
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  17. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    not clio related but where did your nick come from??:sweatsmile:
  18. ToiletDuck

    ToiletDuck Paid Member

    Ultra Red Clio 197
    :tearsofjoy: it comes from when I was setting up my Xbox Gamertag many moons ago. As everything I tried was taken a ToiletDuck advert came on the Tv so I tried a derivative of that and it worked. It then kinda just became the norm:laughing:.
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  19. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    lucky duck..good story :thumb:
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  20. ToiletDuck

    ToiletDuck Paid Member

    Ultra Red Clio 197
    Aaaaaand here's the write up for what feels like a wasted day :tired:.


    I popped over to @adam thomas today to assist him with his brake swap, replace my smashed front under tray, fit the missing covers to the back of my lights, drink all the tea in his house and generally be annoying :tearsofjoy:. So, nice and simple. Bumper off, lights out, fit covers, refit lights, have a brew, drill out rivets holding smashed under tray, fit new under tray, refit bumper and so on.




    Yup. Evenings on Ebay & rum don't mix(when will I ever learn! :unamused:). So turns out I bought a non sport one, never mind, all that effort was worth it for the light covers, right? :tearsofjoy: Anywho, put it back together, drank some more tea and went to mock Adam for not checking he had everything he needed to do the job or even the right pads, but more on that in his own thread :grimacing:.

    P.S. We also waited about 2 hours for a Subway to be delivered. I suggest you make your own. :sunglasses:

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