Renault Sport Clio 197 Racing Red

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  1. Hi,

    My name is René, I own a 2008 Racing Red Renault Sport Clio 197.

    Automatic A/C, rain sensors, folding mirrors, Recaro seats,...


    HU: Pioneer AVH-P5900DVD
    SMD LED parking lights and licence plate lights
    Full LED interior
    RS badge on the wheel
    RS original mats
    Removed C L I O logo
    K&N panel filter
    Miltek exhaust with Miltek 200cell sportcat
    Eibach Pro Kit springs
    Custom made 17mm spacers
    Catcams 5504402 - not installed yet, but owned

    Fastest 1/4 mile was 14,83s:



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  2. jase

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    Re: All over again

    welcome to the site again René... :wink:
  3. Re: All over again

    Very nice car! 8)
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  4. Re: All over again

    the first pic is very beautiful :smile:
  5. Foxspeed

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    Re: All over again

    cracking shots 8-) 8-) 8-)
  6. Raptor6767's Clio 197

    Just got my two packages from the UK:




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  7. pics

    that first pic is georgous mate,

    i had that same stereo in my last car, might invest in the same one again, lol
  8. Tnx

    I'll have that brake lines installed soon along with the red powder coated calipers, new Motul RBF600 brake fluid and a Helix clutch.

    Cams are on the way back to Zagreb, should have them installed this month along with the other stuff.

    EDIT: I just have realized - the time was 1/4 mile, not 1/2 mile - admins, please correct that because I can't post more than 4 pics. Tnx
  9. What colour are you going to paint the calipers?
  10. looking good m8 like your mods

  11. Red, of course. But, I'm going to powder coat them, not just paint them, and then I'm going to stick the Brembo decals and a colorless (don't know the proper term for the paint that is transparent and is being used as a protective coating) paint over them.

    Red calipers and a white Brembo logo.
  12. Will look good! Just like the cup packed brembos then, like mine :smile: Get some pics up when you're done!
  13. Won't be like Cup because I don't like that color, mine will be red like the car. IMHO, it looks better. Bigger contrast and some sportier look.

    Of course I'll put some pics on the net, but I think it will have to wait until I change my clutch. Will try to do it all in a package.
  14. It's called lacquer :wink:

    Pics and car are stunning
  15. Tnx. For both (the lesion and the credit :smile: ).
  16. BEFORE







    TRW vs Brembo (Ferodo)

    TRW vs TRW (Galfer)

    Will post pics when mounted on the car.

    P.S. As you can see - I'm a sucker for red. :lol:
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  17. Look fantastic mate! Better than my factory painted ones :smiley:
  18. :smiley:

    I think so too - factory ones are too dark for my taste and they have black Brembo letters. They look nice, but, IMO, these are awesome.

    Can't wait to fit them - after lunch. 8)
  19. Finally:





    Excuse me for the oxidation on the discs - I took these photos right after the wash.

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