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    Love these but still think they should be kicking out more power for what they look like! (I have never driven one personally) but I would have preferred a turbo like most people lol

  2. I gave one a good blast the other week Ian. I don't necessarily think they need more power, but I do think they should offer a TRD/STi model above the current range that has more power (and a turbo). That would be the model I would buy, but most of the owners of these cars will be middle aged people looking for a sporty looking car, not necessarily the hard core, FAST car we all want, so the current 2ltr NA engine suits them.

    The standard 86/BRZ N/A engine feels VERY similar in power and delivery to the 197/200 engine. The chassis is absolutely fantastic. IMO they really feel like a RWD sport coupe-bodied Clio, which in my book isn't a bad thing :smile:.
  3. nutnutwelshman

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    Robo what's it like compared to a 250Meg???
  4. It's a long while since I last drove a 250Meg Kevin, so its hard to say for sure (and I've only driven Megs on track, and the GT86 was on the road). In a straight line there's no question the Meg would monster it. In fact, in 99% of situations I would imagine the Meg would be hands down quicker. But the 86 feels very sporty, the chassis is responsive and light, and just sitting in the cockpit you feel 100x lower and it feels like more of a sports car.

    Its tricky, as in some ways its like comparing the Megane to the Clio, where the Clio is more responsive, more fun when pressing on but slower. Though it has the added confusion that the GT86/BRZ is much sportier than either and also has RWD which changes the characteristics a bit (though not as much as you would think, until you overstep the limits and it gets a bit, erm, sideways lol). Also worth considering the price of a new GT86 is pretty high, so you have to start paying attention to interior trim levels and gadgets etc. Personally I don't really give a sh*t about most of that stuff, so whenever I was in either car I just drove them :smiley:.
  5. nutnutwelshman

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    So Robo would you buy a GT86 or a Meg how much room is in the GT as in Driver space
  6. The 86 is fairly snug, if I'm honest. Seats are not as tight as the Recaros but they are a fantastic seat. In fact I'd say they are second only to the Recaros in my favourite sport seats I've sat in (and I've been in a fair few). As you probably know I'm not the biggest of guys, so probably not the best person to judge interior space as everything feels huge to me :smiley:. The driving position is brilliant though, arse on the floor and legs out in front of you. Massively better than the Clio IMO.

    Would I buy one.... hmmmm. I'm honestly not sure. I would find it hard to justify the new price tag considering its competition. I absolutely LOVE the looks of them, and when they're subtly modded they look epic. I will say though, that in a couple of years if the opportunity arose for a 2year old GT86 or a 2year old Megane for similar prices I'd have the 86... just. The only reason would be because I've already had the Clio, and I'd really like a RWD car next. Also the 86 would still have 3years warranty left, which is a big plus.

    Right now, I'm going to have to wait a couple of years before I have the need/money to buy a new car, and so who knows where I'll be by that point. I could need a 5dr (*cough cough*, Clio 200t or Focus ST), or I could be still in the market for something sporty :smile:

    Although, I would actually have a BRZ in mica blue if given the choice :smiley:
  7. nutnutwelshman

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    Thanks Robo I'll stay with the Meg for now as I don't think I'll fit in a GT86
  8. X82


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    This isn't a dig at anyone, but I think that anyone who says the 86/BRZ needs more power simply doesn't understand what the car is, or the point it makes.

    Simplest way I can express it is: it's an MX-5 with a fixed roof.

    If you think it needs more power, you need to look at a different car. The fact that it looks like a straight-line phallic-extender is to be thought of as an added bonus, not a criticism.

    Lovely car OP. Don't ruin it by wrapping bits and bobs. :thumbup:
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  10. aspen


    Orange GT86
    Still loving it :smile:

    Feels like it is getting better with miles. Can't remember exactly how many I've put on but it must be at around 8-9000 now and had 2800 when I got it.

    I'm 6'8", ~100kg and there isn't a huge amount of space going spare. No chance anyone can sit behind me but if it didn't have the rear seats I probably wouldn't fit at all.

    The only time I have thought some more power would be nice is accelerating off a motorway roundabout. Given that you don't go driving on motorways for fun, who cares?! I'm still planning on keeping mine for a long time. Perhaps there will be a supercharger further down the line if it becomes a 2nd car etc. For the time being I couldn't be happier with it. Excellent driving position, acceptable fuel economy (30mpg with a lot of town driving), more than decent performance, comfortable interior (heated seats are great) and it looks pretty good.

    I didn't buy it for its looks but it's crazy how many people you notice having a look. Probably because they are still quite rare. I know it's silly to compare used cars with new cars but I paid slightly less for this (1 year old) than a new cup specced 200t...
  11. nutnutwelshman

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    Yes I do like it had a sit but do not fit nice place to be lovely car
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    Do it :wink:
  13. This.
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    Are you still enjoying the GT buddy

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