liquid yellow r27

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  1. only picked it up last sat and so far am more than happy with it. haven't managed to take it anywhere to get really good shots just on the drive ones atm,also gave it a proper detail yesterday so is as new now lol









    what you think?
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  2. MikeLYR27

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    Very nice mate. How you getting on with it?
  3. love it m8 so much more refined than the 182
  4. Very nice mate, I want your seats :worried:
  5. Like the seats and colour :smile:
  6. Roy

    Roy legend

    LY sooooooooooooooooooo nice:thumbsup:
  7. thanx guys also baught the steering wheel insert the new mats with yellow writing small arial. also got the zorst tips on way and a recaro seat cover so i dont ruin the recaros in work lol
  8. Looks really nice that mate, what aerial did you go for and how do you find the reception on it? Im thinking of changing the fishing rod, but dont wanna find I have no radio! :worried:
  9. only fitted it today i had the same 1 on the 182 and was ok for reception but i only use cd's so dosent bother me lol

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