INFO: Retaining stalk controls and OEM display

Discussion in 'Interior and Audio' started by Matt197, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Clio 197
    wow £30, well done mate that's a fantastic find.

    How did the install go?

  2. It didnt today as ive had a stinking headache and was on a mission for locking wheel nuts! It is tomorrows job now! It will take a bit, as I have to remove the tunepoint from glovebox and its wiring nd also route a few wires round the back, as ive got the alpine blutooth unit to fit too.

    Will update tomorrow after its completed.
  3. fitted it today.....looks great, sounds great, steering controls are display. When i change radio stations I get a small dot appear for a few seconds and then blank again. Im going to contact Alpine tomorrow as im stumped!
  4. Hi mate, how you getting on with this? I would really like to get this lead for £30 if you wouldn't mind letting me know where I can get it!

    Thanks :smile:
  5. could you let me know which one on ebay you got

    i will look into it to see if they do a sony adapter

  6. Ken - You dont need the one I got as it is for ONLY alpine to give controls & display.

    If you have a 197 with a sony headunit, you need the CTSRN005 adaptor with a Sony patch lead. Hope that helps
  7. cheers will look into them
  8. yeah i saw that one. think i will give it a go.


    so i take it these do away with the harness which comes with the stereo or do you still need to retain that also?

    if so there will be a heck of a lot of wires behind the dash!
  9. I would love to get my display working, shame it's gonna cost nearly £100 :worried:
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  10. Any news yet on why the sub display didn't work?! Bad lead from eBay?

    A shame it's only alpine units that seem to support this, I had an Ida x100 in my vrs but had no Bluetooth, it's a bit of a rip to pay extra for there box when people like JVC have them built in as standard! But pics and info requires lol!
  11. not sure yet as been a bit busy with other stuff! spoke to alpine, and its either a dodgy lead or headunit. I think it may be the lead. The steering controls are spot on though.

    I have the 400BT bluetooth module added to mine, and it is fantastic with my iphone 4. I can stream music to it, and caller display is great on the unit. As far as ipod control goes, its an absolute dream!... just cant wait to put my DLS kit into it! (im a fair weather installer!)
  12. Bought the connects2 SONY stalk adaptor CTSRN007 works fine with Clio200 FF, no display though. Also read the instructions carefully, you have to connect it up in a specific order or else it wont work until you do.

    Now just need to try and fit the wiring loom behind it all... damn you renault!!!
  13. Get the glovebox out, then you've got room to pull the wires through from the side. I HAD to do this or there was no chance with all the looms I had to squish back there! lol
  14. To to DIY store for a torx screwdriver set then!:worried:
  15. Definately will get a fair bit of use from them! B&Q do a little plastic holder full of the torx bits that fit in the end of the driver. Only a few quid iirc.
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    im up in the air whether spending an extra £50 is worth having the display, i have had a clio mk3 for 6 years now so i must be pretty in the habit of glancing at the display to see the radio stations as i scroll through them, but is having to look down at the stereo really that much harder?

    i may develop a crook in my neck :001_rolleyes:

    197f1 did you ever get the display working with this cable? (APF-D102RE)
    The way this thread reads is that its worked in a megane and not a 197 yet?

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    197 R27
    @197-F1 did you ever finish installing this?
    what set up did you put in please?
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