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Discussion in 'Interior and Audio' started by Matt197, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Matt197

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    Right ok, I know a few people were asking recently about retaining stalk controls and OEM sub display when changing HU.

    This only applies to Alpine HU but I have a P/N for a interface cable, it’s not cheap at £80 but it means you can have track and radio info displayed on the OEM Sub-display and retain stalk controls.

    Please Note: The cable will only work with “Update List” HU so check that your OEM HU is an “Update List” it will say on the front.

    Also check that you are buying an Alpine HU that is capable of outputting to a sub-display.


    P/N: APF-D102RE

    Search Google with the above P/N and you will find a few places that sell it.

    Here is a link to a guy who has used this cable in his Megane.


    Hope this helps a few people.

  2. I used a Connects2 adapter on my Megane II (with Tuner List & a JVC navi unit) and it worked fine... It cost around 30 pounds... and I think that the adapter itself is universal, you just need a different cable from the adapter box to the back of the HU depending on the HU manufacturer (costs 5 pounds or something).
  3. Matt197

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    Maybe so, but was you able to use the OEM sub-display?

    This is for people who want to keep both functions when changing the OEM HU.
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  4. With the HU I used (a JVC KW-NT1) there was no way to use the OEM display.. It just displayed 'RENAULT' next to the time and temperature. But with other head units & the Connects2 adapter I think its possible..
  5. GrumpyTwig

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    Would be grateful to hear others experience with this, currently looking to upgrade to a pioneer unit (only ones that don't look tacky imo) but am always very cautious with things like this.
  6. Lukesaxby

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    Funny you guys say this but to change my headunit is a nightmare, ita going to cost 400 quid to have the radio and connected in as I have a 6 cd front loader and didn't know that the lil box under my seat was all along my actual radio that runs everything,

    It has to be all wired from my seat to the dash just to put a headunit in, who's French idea was that
  7. I have the connects 2 adapter with a pioneer headunit and it also displays 'REANULT' on the display, I think you need the alpine with the above adapter for the display to work
  8. Matt197

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    I think you will find only Sony and Alpine head units are able to display on Renaults Sub-Display currently, else you will just get "REANULT" displayed.

    That was the whole point of this post, just to highlight to people who want to keep the sub-display like I do and have a Alpine what cable they need to buy.

    If you want reassurance then go to a audio shop and ask them :001_rolleyes:
  9. so this works with an alpine HU????
  10. Matt197

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    Clio 197
    If you buy that cable then yes, but make sure the Alpine HU you buy is capable of outputting to a sub-display.
  11. sorry to ressurect the thread, but I presume this does display AND steering controls? Does this alpine unit plug straight into the renault connectors or do wires have to be cut on the car?
  12. Matt197

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    Yes it will do both and no cutting required, just plug and play.

    And dont worry, shows you used the search button :smile:
  13. £80 sounds cheap for the stalk controls from what I've seen, all the adapters I've seen are over £100 and they don't do the display. I'll be looking at alpine hu's now, had found a kenwood I liked but I couldn't justify a oner just for the stalk controls, £80 for stalk and display softens the low a bit! Thanks for the link!
  14. Looks like an Alpine HU is now on the xmas list our lass is getting :jump1:
  15. Matt197

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    Clio 197
    Just make sure the one you buy states it has the capable of outputting to a sub-display else it will not work.
  16. Spanner in the works for me though, I don't actually like any of the current ones :worried:
  17. Sounds very tempting!!

    I've got the latest Alpine/Parrot/iPOD/USB HU so hopefully this will work. My 200 only had the standard HU but was a FF model so hopefully it's the right one!! :smile:
  18. SWEET! Ive just bought the alpine leads off ebay for £30! Bargain.... Im going to use this with an IDA-x100 headunit that states 'sub display' out, so fingers crossed!
  19. Keep us updated guys 8)
  20. I'm fitting today...does anyone need photos of the kit & install or just a simle 'it works / it doesn't work'?!

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