Fluctuating temp guage

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  1. Clarki99

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    Clio 200
    I am a clio 200 owner (had it three weeks from new). The temp gauge moves to third line (first being where it sits when cold) when engine up to temp but when on the move the gauge is constantly dropping to middle of second and third line and then back up to third line....It never stays still. It does this all the time even at constant speed on motorway. When stationary ( no airflow) it stays at third line and is rock steady.

    Just been checked by Renault (they said they have reset the dash....ehh?) but still doing it.

    Any 200 owners out there have same thing and its a normal thing. Owned lots of other cars and never seen this.

  2. Foxspeed

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    does move up and down until its reached normal but doesnt drop when on the motorway etc only change is when its stood and the temp goes up!

    theres been a few 197 with faulty stats!
  3. Use search feature, this has been discussed previously on here.
  4. sounds like the thermostat,sure they are only about £26 from renault
  5. Matt W

    Matt W

    Renaultsport Megane 250
    Surely this isn't something that they should pay to have replaced when the car is 3 weeks old!
  6. **** payin it should be Reno payin
  7. Willis

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    Honda Civic EP3 Type-R
    It'll be covered under warranty if it is at fault.

    Only way to find out is to take it in to the garage you bought it from for a checkup and see if they can replicate the problem. If they can't replicate the problem then chances are you'd have to buy it yourself. Pain in the bum I know, but if they can't see it happening then you can't prove it is... That same model of thermostat will probably be used on a load of different cars and probably won't even be made by Renault themselves. Don't let it dampen your feelings for the car, it's frustrating but it's fixable.

    I've seen a brand new Bentley fail PDI before with less than 10M on the clock because the oil had emulsified and the factory had to send a new engine over to the dealership the same day because it had been paid for and the customer was collecting the car the day after... So every manufacturer has the odd thing slip the net!!! :smiley:
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  8. sorry matt didn't spot the car is only that age,yeah warrenty issue
  9. MikeLYR27

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    Mines always done this. Nothing to worry about.

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