Different exhaust tips?

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  1. vivid white

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    Hi All,

    I currently have the Renault Sport exhaust tips on my 197 and like a lot of people I fancy a change and maybe something a little more impressive.

    I know a few people have brought of eBay and they haven't been too expensive etc....what do you have on your 197 and can you post a link as well?


  2. Tips

    hey mate

    Recently had my 197 and like others, felt that the tapered (diffuser profiled) standard exhausts dont show the back end off as it could/should - so I bought these :-



    which are......from what I gather - larger than the OEM RS tips - I have them tucked in just enough to ward off any "wheel barrow" comments and having a larger O/D than the OEM parts, beef it up slightly IMHO - and coming from a Mk4 R32 and Audi RS4 (rolled tips at outer rear of both)- I kind of missed the rolled chromed tips on the rear of the 197 - I love the looks now.... If I get bored they can always go LOL. The new items also have a slight taper, so go well with the angles of the rear end.

    I had to deburr the inner surfaces of the ebay items slightly to get a nice fit over the existing tailpipe (just enough to get a leading edge when fitting) and also canned the brackets they sent and used some tasty jubilee clips (sprayed mat black so they don't show up when looking underneath) - also a LOT easier to access the jubilee clips through the gap between the diffuser and tips.

    Im chuffed anyway - definately the beefier look I was after - measurements are on the ebay link bud.

    recent pics (with camera phone) :biggrin:

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  3. I like the look of them Roary, a little bigger than the standard RS trims by the looks of things. I normally cant stand the cheap exhaust trims that are on ebay, but the 197 is in dire need of something for the back end I always think...
  4. Look good mate, even if you get bored its only a 5 minute swap. Might have to invest!
  5. cheers Robo....... I too am quite surprised at their quality and they are IMO exactly what the back end needs (right diameter etc / roll ends) they look quality and by no means peashooter-esque....

    they are tapered diameters, so in essence the diameter of the tips is a push fit over the existing tailpipes (smallish) but then the main tip is a larger diameter - thats kind of why I used some jubilee hose clips as the supplied brackets/screws suggested that they were designed for fitment on relatively small tailpipes..and the RS items are the same diameter end to end arent they?

    1st thing the Missus said when she saw it was - god that looks more purposeful and how it should be from factory.... I was chuffed (she is quite clued up on cars and speaks the truth - she got an EP3 Type R)

    in the voice of Louis Walsh "I loik it" LOL
  6. cheers gareth - exactly and at £14 for the pair, its a no-brainer.
  7. vivid white

    vivid white Platinum Member

    Thanks for the great replies.

    I will definately have a look into these. Just didnt know which ones to go for as eBay does sell some ****. Its nice to get something suggested by another member.

  8. They look well cool, loads better than the overpriced pee-shooter RS tips Renault sell as well.

    Theres another thread in the Parts for Sale section with some other tips, i posted a couple of eBay links on that but they look very similar to the ones in this thread anyway. here you go:

  9. I can't get my hat on with the prices of the OEM RS tips....... Wtf?!
  10. In fact looking at the sizes of the other ebay ones i posted, the cheaper one of the two is 3.25" wide at the tip so will look a bit big and a bit aftermarket chav IMHO!!

    The 3" you got suit the diffusers proportions perfectly. 14 quid, think I'm gonna get myself a pair too..:thumbsup:

    When you say deburr, do you mean just a light sand to get them on??
  11. Well - I started with a light sand to get them on yep, but basically they drill and tap the tips to use with the supplied screws - and all the surplus metal had not been cleaned up on the insides - wouldn't have been an issue if they were going on a 1.2 pea shooter but as the diameters are so close and I was not using the supplied brackets and screws (jubilees instead) - I just got in there with a file and rasped off any fray that was in the way. Its nice to personalise things don't you think LOL!

    wasn't an issue really, took a few minutes - looks OEM (in my eyes) and as you say - proportion perfect too...
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  12. Bangbangbenny

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    Just brought a set on eBay, the recomdation and pics really sold them, looking forward to fitting them at the weekend, Will post some pics when I do.
  13. Nice one, gonna get some myself!! get them pics up..
  14. Good men! Do it.

    Got my 30/40 springs n other bits to do with my 197 so will be doin a thread on mine soon.

    Defo upload some pics when fitted mate.
  15. Nice. Which ones are those Tyler?
  16. did janspeed ever release these? when i was down there they were working alot with ktec, i thought these tailpipes were the ticket! women were alright too

  17. 930Tech

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    North Nottinghamshire
    197 CUP and most of a 197 CUP race car
    I see no tailpipes :drool:
  18. Not a big fan of those tbh, I think slash cut work better as it follows lines of diffuser and doesn't give it that wheelbarrow type look. Spose it makes it look bit like a 200 back end which isn't necassarily a bad thing tho.

    Mint looking car by the way tho..very nice!!:thumbsup:

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