Bleeding the brakes

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  1. Is there any special technique to bleeding the brakes because of the ABS?

  2. the ABS makes no difference when bleeding the brakes, just make sure you do it in the correct order
  3. Ahh just found this on google

    "...Bleeding is done one wheel at a time. The "old timers" will tell you to start with the wheel furthest away from the master cylinder and then work your way closer. Typically, this would mean RR, LR, RF, then LF. However, it doesn't really matter if you start with the front or rear wheels, since they are on separate brake circuits on modern cars with ABS and/or dynamic stability control systems. However, you should start with the passenger side wheel and then do the driver's side..."

    LOL Rich, you're an oldtimer
  4. obviously:worried:

    Why are you bleeding th brakes anyway mate?
  5. Ahh, had my calipers resprayed, and they removed them, then when the put them back on, they bled the brakes, but the pedal was still very soggy.

    Was just wondering if there's a special technique with these Clio (The French!)
    Also know some cars require a tool to keep the ABS pump turning, wondered if that was the case.

    Took it back now, and they said was still air coming out, so hopefully, problem solved!
  6. you have to bleed the front in a certain order to make sure you get the air out, you need to bleed the outside nipple first then the inside on 4 pots :smile:
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    dont get air in the system as the abs actuator will trap the air and cause pobblems - you than have to take it to the dealers for them to have the abs put in "bleed mode" and this lets the trapped air out
  8. Hmmm... picking it up later, will see if it "feels" better, otherwise will goes past the dealers to get it done. Thanks

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