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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by M19TNR, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. M19TNR

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    So I've started intermittent fasting (not eating from 22:00 to 14:00 - then I eat my normal calories as usual).
    I like eating all my calories in the afternoon/evening and only ever ate a 200 calorie bowl of porridge in the mornings anyways, so it fits my lifestyle.

    But to keep in that fasted state, you can drink water and black coffee.

    Now I'm not a hot drink drinker anyways, but it seems a good idea to try it once and for all and give it a proper go! It's a social thing and if it haas certain health benefits (questionable) then thats a bonus too.

    I'm 2 cups in.... and hate it haha

    I've heard 60 cups is the 'magic' figure, but right now, thats 58 cups away!!

    Anyone trained themselves to like black coffee/tea?
  2. Micah

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    In short.


    Hope that helps :tearsofjoy:
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  3. M19TNR

    M19TNR Paid Member

    I don’t know how I would of coped without your pearls of wisdom mate
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  4. Micah

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    I’m like the font of all knowledge, I know, I know.

    Seriously though, I have always struggled with black coffee and never got used to the taste unless it has a lot of sugar in it. I have noticed that now we are a nation of latte drinkers my teeth are paying the price!
    Some guys at work are also doing the 8 hour window thing, I’ll ask what they drink - I’m sure it’s just water.
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  5. tcw

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    How are you making the black coffee? Honestly I HATED coffee - now I am a massive fan of it - though I probably go to far more effort to make a cup than many would.

    Happy to elaborate if you're interested!
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  6. M19TNR

    M19TNR Paid Member

    Ahhhhh you sound like the man to talk to!

    Just instant Millicano (??), as I’m drinking it in work at the moment.
    At work, it’s going to have to be an instant coffee, that you just add water too.

    At home I don’t mind going to abit more effort!

    Definitely interested...
  7. Beany

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    See I’m tea-total and love a good Yorkshire brew..

    It’s taken me quite some time to get around to coffee.. I’ll enjoy a latte or espresso and normally involves a sugar or 2 but credit if your to drink straight up black coffee.. that’s seriously hard core.
  8. Benno

    Benno Gold Member

    Refuse to drink coffee at all now. Give me a nice cup of tea however it comes and I'm sorted, coffee just makes me feel ill. I've tried once or twice for a few days but it just ends up wasting a whole cup of coffee when I pour it down the sink.

    Might give the fasting a go myself with water...breakfast is overrated anyway.
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  9. CallorFold

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    I don't find there's all that much taste difference when it comes to having coffee with or without milk...I think a lot of it is psychological in the colour difference. Black is slightly more bitter, half a sugar will help take the edge off.

    I have a coffee machine at home and make one (with milk) in a travel mug to take to work then tend to have 2 black coffee's during the day (instant coffee), 1 late morning and 1 just before I leave work/pre-gym session. I dont think it took me long to enjoy a black coffee, certainly not 60 cups :yum:

    You could always look at adding a coffee crema powder? Not sure where they stand nutrition wise/fit into the fasting cycle...
  10. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

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    Americano all the way.
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  11. AmosMoses

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    I love black coffee, grind up a serious amount of beans weakly.

    But if i was on this diet i'd be shaking!

    Best of luck with it.
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  12. M19TNR

    M19TNR Paid Member

    Yeah any kind of cream or additive isn’t allowed, except sweetener. But I just think that makes it taste even stranger haha

    Made abit of a move forward with it today...
    I’ve been sipping it, as I never drink hot drinks, so I think I’ve been getting a stronger taste. The last couple, I’ve been properly drinking it and it’s tasted better to be honest.

    Had a Costa americano on the way home from picking up some new wheels, and it was better than the first cup!

    It’s gone from ‘horrific’ to just ‘not great’ now!

    Makinggggg movessssss
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  13. petercronin

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    I’m a big coffee fan (can’t start my day without a couple of espressos), I’d suggest if you’re trying to enjoy it and done you might want to look at getting some good quality stuff and choose a way to brew it that suits you/your budget.

    I use a company called pact who deliver fresh stuff to you and an espresso machine to make espressos or americano’s. You’ll never get a nice end result if you don’t start with decent coffee.

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  14. tcw

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    As mentioned above - the actual coffee is the best place to start - in an ideal world you'd be grinding the beans fresh.

    Beans can be bought at a reasonable price from the following:, and

    Honestly - I am not the *biggest* fan of Pact - though I have a tonne of respect for what they're trying to do - and in this case I genuinely believe it'd be the best place to buy from to get going. - you'll get a free "v60" with your first bag of coffee - I'd get this and cancel after it arrives. You'll have to make do with pre-ground coffee - but it's a good place to start as the beans are pretty good.

    I won't go into detail about brewing the coffee and so on here - unless you'd like - but fundamentally there are two types of coffee - espresso and brewed. Espresso makes up a major part of the coffees you'd get from Costa, Starbucks etc - hand brewed is basically non-existent unless in speciality coffee shops in the UK.

    Maybe a good place to start is by visiting a few "speciality coffee shops" and then trying a couple of coffees. I'd probably start with hand brewed - it's much cheaper to re-produce at home (doesn't require buying an espresso machine to start with!).

    The process of making coffee is almost like a science - even down to the water used, making a massive difference. Depending on how the beans are processed before they're roasted - it can make a massive difference to the tase too - some natural coffees are incredibly sweet.

    Why not have a look (assuming location from your profile) and take a drive down to the closest.

    Enough rambling.

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