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  1. had a cracking run out today with Henderson who spoted this place on the way back so few pics had to be taken:smile:got a few vids of his Y pipe decat which are not bad but you need to hear it in the flesh.they will come later.

    26th run out 050 by chickster2012, on Flickr

    26th run out 048 by chickster2012, on Flickr

    26th run out 046 by chickster2012, on Flickr

    26th run out 044 by chickster2012, on Flickr

    26th run out 043 by chickster2012, on Flickr

    26th run out 041 by chickster2012, on Flickr

    26th run out 039 by chickster2012, on Flickr

  2. Cracking pics, both cars look stunning. The ultras really suit the 200 imo, is it lowered aswell?
  3. some nice shots there mate,enjoyed every minute of that ride out,fast sweeping twisties coupled with the odd corner jump,what more does a man want,mind you that fully grown cow and calf that had escaped from the field just taking it easy at the side of the road was a bit scary,good job that bloke flashed to warn us!!! foof that could have been nasty
  4. cheers!yes 30mm 40mm,the ultras stick out a tad more than standard to.
  5. yes bud them twisties are class!yeah when that bloke flashed i was thinking bobbies round the corner not two beasts.
  6. same mate,we'd gone about half a mile after he flashed and i thought he was just taking the piss trying to get us to slow down then out of the blue,MMMOOOOOOO!!!!
  7. Great pics gutted i couldnt make it :-[
  8. 930Tech

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    North Nottinghamshire
    197 CUP and most of a 197 CUP race car
    Great location for pics :thumbup:
  9. maybe next time bud.
    It was ive seen shots of this place before ime sure.
  10. Both cars look amazing! Love the k-tec spoilers too :smile:
  11. N0ddie

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    Mini JCW
    2 awesome looking Clios.

    200 looks the biz with the Ultras.
  12. ry197


    FF 197
    exhausts look mint on that 200! what make is it?!
  13. they all look like that mate
  14. cheers!
    thanks NOddie!
    cheers!I have a K-tec cat back but like henderson says they all look like that on a 200 with it having deferent deffuser.
  15. Yiannis197

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    Great pictures guys! I really need some ultra's in my life...quite desperately.

    Just a question guys. How would you compare the cars? Both are running similar power (200bhp) but henderson's is on cams while yours Mark has a strong engine. Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
  16. Willis

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    Some cracking photos there, get some ready for the next round of POTM. :wink:
  17. Looking good mark nice pics
  18. i haven't driven marks since its been mapped mate but as mine had the Y pipe mapped in just before him at RS Tuning we got a good chance to compare graphs and they where very very similar,think the only real difference was that my peak power was about 500rpm higher than marks,so basically i'd say they are very similar to drive,if you wanted to have a go of either one though i'd go for mine as he listens to bonny tyler...

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