xmas present to myself

Ive had this as well, just connect it to a fault reader and get it switched off, its because the re map causes a conflict with the traction control somehow, nothing to do with the injection system. This is why ive not had my white car mapped as yet.
How many times has it happen for you and under what circumstances.
might be worth living with (if no superchip fix) just get a fault reader and reset it
as you said and use it when it happens £15 on eBay.
Not the first I've heard of issues with remapping - particularly that not done at RST... is what puts me off, I'd want mine done up in Leeds but it's a 4 hour drive away if any issues.
:worried: the black car was mapped by rs tuning in leeds, it has shown this fault once since we have had it but when it was plugged in it showed 5 other occasions,

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