Silverproject top mounts

Hello have anyone tried this silverproject topmounts on ther 197/200rs? What are your thoughts on these they are a bit cheaper than other variants like compbrake... silver-project-camber-plates-for-renault-clio-3-nissan-micra-3.jpg
Would also be interested. Are they early style top mount do you know?
I dont know woud be best to contact company ive just heard from a friend and he use top mounts from this company but on diferent car and he drives his car pretty hard and he never had any problems with them
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They are designed to work with OEM suspension spring set up, or any kit that uses stock strut tops to connect to the car.
If you have b14s you will need to find a different nut to attach it to the tops.


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I’ve got stock, non cup struts with lowering springs on a 197. Would they work with those? I’d like to be able to add some camber and these seem as cheap as power flex camber adjustable bushes (if 1 unit price means you get 2 top mounts). What’s the catch? I was thinking about replacing the top mounts anyway as part of my suspension refresh (just ordered all new swivel joints) so will have everything apart anyway.
My 197 have B14 and silverproject top mounts... Work perfect, only neagative side is that the max camber is 2.2 degrees, for pure track car is a little bit too small :smile:IMG_7400.jpg
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