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Blyton 28th May . . . . Cars are dialled in and were set up for two full days! I've had some bad luck but this has to be a record . . . went out for a few sighting laps as you do, ran the curb a bit through the wiggler and the osf wheel locks up :sob: the EE bracket had completely broken away at the hub pulling the shaft out also, luckily it was the o/s so no oil on the track but still took a good 40 mins to get it on the truck and get the track opened again . . embarrassing to say the least! 10/10 to the Marshals they were on the ball helping . . . Was only around 30 mph but totalled the tyre, so lucky it was low speed.

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Ordered a pair of new billet brackets from Pure with their own bump steer kit thinking I could sell my spare n/s ee bracket but that ended up being fractured also! Very lucky boy!! On the plus side Pure's revised brackets have given nearly 6 degrees of caster so will have to have a play with the geoIMG_8786.JPGIMG_8788.JPG.


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Coming home from Blyton with as much fuel as I went with I thought Id treat myself when these came up for sale, K-Specs manifold back - single exit and cae shifter. The shifter needs new cables but will have them made no problem.
K-Specs aren't very well known in the UK they're a Bulgarian company and their fab work is 100% Its a shame to hide it!! V-band clamps and 1 x flexi. After a 'few' hours wrapping, offered it up then had to find some new mounts to suit the single exit system. (vw polo) It weighs ALOT less that the old system and sounds awesome!

Will hopefully get the front bumper and bonnet painted before the Clio Sport show at Blyton and hopefully it lasts at least a day this time!

If anyone's there off here come and say hi !! :relaxed:

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It’s only money!
Fantastic car in the making. Hope one day it runs perfect for you.
That noise:thumb:


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EE brackets scare me, going to have to check mine, both break/fracture around the pinch bolt?
Round the pinch bole on one and the actual mounting on the other but they were the original cast alloy ones. They changed to steel afterwards and the Pure ones are billet alloy


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Round the pinch bole on one and the actual mounting on the other but they were the original cast alloy ones. They changed to steel afterwards and the Pure ones are billet alloy
I got mine direct from R sport. Came painted black, were heavy enough so probably steel. Can’t find r sport online, im sure that was the name of them?


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It's been a while since the last update and a lots happened, good and bad but it's finally there!
Cliofest, awesome weekend and a great turnout.
I had re-wired the clutch switch for the eso I could have a play with the flat shift settings. After the last warning on the Saturday for noise Sunday was going well and was flying then it developed a misfire. Long story short cut fuel not spark on an engine that uses rocker type valvetrain. The unburnt fuel in the exhaust ignites and the pressure in the manifold can and in my case did open an exhaust valve and jumped a rocker!!
Head off new set of valves (again) and a bit of fetling and it's back together again. Spark cut instead of fuel and added mild launch control also which sounds awesome!


With the extra power it's always felt very under geared and having broken so many boxes decided to go for a meg box. Managed to get an amazing deal on a rebuilt box with a Helix paddle clutch / flywheel and a full set of cup racer engine mounts all as new!


Having driven with a plate diff for a while decided to fit another Gripper before fitting the box up. Straight swap really, just had to use some new meg cables shortened slightly and re-threaded to fit a Focus cable adjuster, (a chap I know had already done the same conversion so had a huge head start) Matt from Supreme made me up a new pipe in super quick time to adapt the clio clutch pipe to fit the megane slave cylinder. . .
After a load of dicking around with shaft lengths and one snapped I got them right and had some proper shafts made by an old retired engineer and job done! Cheap as chips and a work of art.


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