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Discussion in 'Body Work and Exterior Lights' started by Ashley-92, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Ashley-92


    Clio Mk3
    Hi new here. I have a Mk3 Clio diesel. My reverse lights and reverse sensors don’t work. Changed the reverse position switch on the gearbox but that hasn’t solved the issue. The new switch works but still no reverse lights. The fuse F20 in the engine bay box is fine too. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what else I can try or any more fuses/relays and locations? Didn’t really care before but now that reverse lights are part of the MOT it need to get done. Thanks!

  2. mr angry

    mr angry Paid Member

    clio 197
    I would check with a simple test lamp or meter whether you are getting power at the switch and work back to the bulb holder
  3. Dumdum

    Dumdum Gold Member

    near mansfield, notts
    Renault Clio RS200 CUP/fiat ducato campervan
    Check for twelve volts at the switch, one side or the other will be live, if there’s no live it’s a matter of following it back to a plug on the fuse box

    The fella whose name escapes me who is a super bike mechanic normally is pretty good with wiring diagrams... @turkie172 just popped into my head he may need some details though I’d think
  4. turkie172

    turkie172 Paid Member

    N. Ireland
    It's a Mk3 Diesel putting the wipers on and put the car in reverse should be good enough to test if the car knows it's in reverse i.e.. the gearbox sensor switch as the rear wiper should give one wipe as reverse is selected. The fuse box behind the passenger headlight is also part of the system so the fuses there will need checked also and of course since there is snow in some areas of the UK you didn't use the rear wiper to clear heavy snow from the rear window and blew the fuse per chance.


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