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Discussion in 'Clio 197 Area' started by Mart, May 31, 2018.

  1. Mart



    Purchased another set of rear window quarter glass seals! The first replacement set I purchased did not stick at all, they fell off after a few days, and I gave up. Months later I thought I'd give it another go and purchased a second set, before I get pissed off again over the weekend what is the best method to make these things stick and stay stuck?


  2. Benno


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    It’s all in the prep. Get the tar and glue remover out and get every last bit out from under the glass to ensure you’ve got a clean and FLAT surface to work with. If it’s not flat, you’ve got air getting in behind and it simply won’t adhere to the glass.

    Once it’s ready to go, get a flat scraper and work the seal in bit by bit, constantly going over the already ‘stuck’ bits. If you spend a bit of time on each one you’ll most probably find they stay where they are a lot longer. I hate being patient but it really is the only way.

    Mine have been on a few months now and still look mint from the day they were fitted.
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  3. Mart


    @Benno Cheers dude!! Let you know how I get on.
  4. ChrisLu

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    What @Benno said....all in the prep

    Did my drivers side last week. Tar & Glue Remover and then i got a small blade to scrape off the remaining glue and then cleaned it with panel wipe and then stuck the new one in and used a body filler plastic spreader to push from the inside to the glass.
  5. harry_snotter


    Just to add my experience. Followed all instructions both here and elsewhere for prep. Spent more than an hour clearing glue on driver's side. On passenger side, I heated the area with hairdryer (as hot as it would get) before pulling off strip. A lot more glue came off with the old strip this way - see photos.

    Then I used the same little kitchen knife to go along clearing off the residue from glass. This time instead of rubbing off a million dried bits of glue, because it was sticky it dragged along rolling into a ball (second pic) picking up all the old glue like a ball of blu-tak. Time taken - 5 mins with hairdryer, 5 mins removing and I'm positive it's way cleaner than the side I spent an hour and 1/4 on.

    Other tip, to get new rubber in, there are two raised areas in the metal top and bottom that make it a tight squeeze. Use a flathead on top edge of glass just in from the corner, very very gently obviously, to lever glass a tiny fraction while pushing new strip in. Same on bottom edge corner. Protect paintwork with several layers of masking tape, also do this along the pillar to protect while you're working off the old glue with your blade/knife.

    We'll see how it holds up.

  6. Mossy

    Mossy Paid Member

    Too many
    What do they actually do though, except look ugly?!

    I removed mine all nice neat and clean and never bothered fitted any new ones.

    Not had any problems or unwanted noise and still looks fine :smile:
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