POTM October Missed Shots.. (new rules)


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New Rules new month

same old rules apply.. (and new rules)
must be a clio in shot
on themed months can be an old picture
free for all can only be a new picture
one picture per person..(1st picture only counts)


VOTING will be based on the likes in the thread..

This will save (admin) having to do another thread.

This cannot be monitored but then again its for fun.
Please take it on yourselves to announce the winner and then onto the next rule.

The winner will now get to chose the next theme.. (I like this bit)
Again this will save the admin from having to go into this every month and getting this sorted themes can be either Free for All or a actual Theme there are a few of us doing this now so we (or you) should be able to carry this without the admin

I will post a template for the people to copy and past into the start of the thread or you can just freestyle.

Sadly as I have mentioned in my other thread I just get too busy to do this in the summer months and if we can all help out this section we would be able to continue it.

Right to the thread...... Missed Shots I understand we have had some missed months and I believe you all have some nice shots of your car you wish we would have posted so lets get to it..

This will run until the end of October where we can no longer use Brexit as an excuse

Remember hit the like button this should also work for TapTalk

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