My pics from Silverstone F1 British GP 2018

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by JMR, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. JMR


    Porsche + LY200
    Not been able to share since I went as I've been unable to login to my Flickr account (along with thousands of others)

    God it was a hot day!
    Mrs R bought me and my son tickets for my birthday :sunglasses:

    Spent most of the day in Club Corner grandstand where I took the pictures from.

    30020452728_f6cfb2fb86_k.jpg P1030584 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020503248_c417fb724d_k.jpg P1020601 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    43890170621_828b2b44e1_k.jpg P1020643 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020488508_965795b0a0_k.jpg P1020679 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020482398_e5de84a700_k.jpg P1020816 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020480778_0e497289f7_k.jpg P1030067 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020479248_7a5ad91701_k.jpg P1030081 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020477728_84a7127b33_k.jpg P1030088 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    42081584100_4aad747201_k.jpg P1030104 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    43841929922_69f95a1461_k.jpg P1030132 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    43841922722_3944b15e3b_k.jpg P1030188 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    28953238197_66e8fe37fd_k.jpg P1030416 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    28953236487_38bf06618a_k.jpg P1030439 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020460128_f9e154222a_k.jpg P1030453 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    28953232967_677e65ef87_k.jpg P1030496 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020457508_7152c85264_k.jpg P1030502 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    28953224797_4f7bd9aab9_k.jpg P1030615 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    30020449238_eb0c35724b_k.jpg P1030619 by *JMR*, on Flickr

    Highlight of the day for my son was watching some of the older cars go round for the 70th anniversary parade laps.

    V10s and V8s dialled things back to the good old days.
    I'll dig out the video and post up later on

    Hope you guys like the pics :blush:
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