K20 my Clio


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Well said ^^ the civic type r chassis is no comparison in my opinion anyway :smile:

Update she is in and driven 80 miles with not a single problem only on a base map atm as trying to nail down the mapper so is only revving on a soft limiter of 4K.

Got lots of pics etc to update soon
You must have cleared 1000k by now?!

How is is the Baguette holding up with the Japanese heart?


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I am, because 7th and 8th gen Civic cannot compare to 5th and 6th gen Civic suspension and feel. So if you want a superb handling and fast car go K powered 91-2001 Civic. The best I drove was a K24 supercharged 99 Civic VTi. But he would not sell it to me even offering crazy money !! Building is not an option, would cost in the range excess of 30K Euro. At least to have it done bulletproof in a nice chassis.