Interior products

What is the best??? products and tools.

I need something for the carpets and head lining plus a good dash cleaner that actually repels dust and is not shiny.


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I use the Megs interior cleaner spray, works great on all plastics, dash etc, no shine. I just wish it had a more appealing fragrance.


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I only use 2 things for the interior, poorboys interior trim and poorboys APC diluted to different levels (normally 10:1). I personally dont like really shiny and sticky dash boards.
go to Wilkinsons and buy the following:
All Purpose Cleaner (29p/bottle)
Soda Crystals (50p ish)

Mix APC (60-100ml), Soda Crystals (half a cup) and a pint of warm water into a spray bottle.

:wink: Should be foamy.. will work on all fabric, carpets.. even fabric hoods (will take the water proofing off fabric hoods though)

Word of Warning: Your headlining's cream.. make sure the cloth you use is white/cream to avoid coloured threads being left.
Ideally use a brand new cloth, as if you've used it before chances are your rubbing dirt onto the headlining.
Forgot to say...

If you mix APC with Warm water, it will take away touch brake dust, clean your arches.
It's safe on the paint too, so use a brush/toothbrush and spray around window/panel gaps to clean in there

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Rich and Gaz thanks for the help.

I am off to wilkinsons 2moz to buy that stuff, will try it out on all carpets. Hopefully will spruce things up.

I have two weeks off so the machine polisher might be used also :smiley:
For the roof lining and carpets for just little stains etc a good cheap product is Autoglym Shampoo, works surprisingly well.. it says you can use it on plastics too but i somehow don't trust it..

But Poorboys and Chemical guys stuff always works a treat!