197: Ignition coils

Hi, I keep getting conflicting information. I have a misfire @ 2500 rev/min. I suspect at least one coil. I have some brand new valeo coils that will do my daughters 1.6 clio and I'm told that they're the same for my 197. Other sources say they're different.......

New plugs have been fitted already

Can anyone shed some light on compatability please?


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Have you changed your exhaust or anything related to your exhaust? If so could the misfire actually be the flatspot that occurs when people so exhaust mods on 197/200s?


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Ok that rules that out (as exhaust mods causes a flatspot 2500-3000ish RPM).
Sorry I cannot help about the ignition coils.


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if its mis-firing like you say remove the plugs that will tell show which one is at fault...should also be flashing up warning lights as it will be failing the emissions...
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I would have to go along with that route remove the plugs but keep them in the order they came out along with the coil packs there should be a visual difference in the plugs that will point to which is suspect and therefore the coil. I fixed a Clio cup not so long ago that had well I would not call it a misfire as a misfire to me is a bang at the wrong time it's more like a lack of firing. Anyway I had the luxury of my cars plugs and coil packs to swap and the car with the problem had no warning lights and nothing obvious while running but driving hesitation or lack of go when pulling away. That car had two faulty coil packs and two of the plugs had signs of flashover which pointed at certain packs, I changed one first thinking it can only be one and it improved and changing the second one sorted it completely. I left the car dealer with my plugs fitted and put new ones in mine that I had brought along then pointed out which coil packs needed replaced. Why not sign up to the forum Muddi it's £5 and other options you get to see the parts for sale section and how to section.
A slight air leak past the MAP sensor has been attended to and made a marked improvement. I can still feel it, though it's now only an occasional occurrence. I'll keep playing..........