It's seems apple have me by the balls...

Recently upgraded to iPhone 5. Plugged iPhone into Mac mini to sync with iTunes.

"iTunes out of date. Update required to connect to iPhone"

Ok so downloaded latest iTunes.

"Mac os too old to run iTunes. Update os"

Tried to update is and it says its up to date :/

I'm on OS X 10.5.6 and new too all this apple crap.



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You look to need to upgrade the OS, the current version you're on IS up to date as far as it will go without you paying apple to upgrade.

Just another way for them to sick money out of people to pay for their Lawers. :wink:

This might give you some pointers on how to proceed as it's not a case of just buying the most recent version.
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Mr gates will shaft you every now and then, apple like to do it on the regular.
I think I am about to suffer this same proplem


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It's only £29 or something for a new Mac OS, what do Microsoft charge for a new version of windows?
Each OSX upgrade costs you £29.

A full oem copy of Windows seems to come up at £69 (Amazon).

But there have been many more OSX 'upgrades' in the same time and space as there have been Windows versions, something on a ratio of 10/4.

This isn't including Service Packs that are free and while fixing issues often include new features too.
You can never directly compare the two though because their life cycles are quite different.

I'd never pay for OSX though, simply because I can get the same experience elsewhere for free in the form of a Linux distro.