Help identify this manifold please

Hi, I've recently bought my 197 and it sounds to me as though the exhaust is blowing, it's a milltek cat back with what I think is a ktec manifold. I've just crawled under to have a look and taken these pictures....

....I cant see a single flexi anywhere, if it is a ktec I'd expect there to be one at the end?
... thats the standard cat i'm guessing?

Basically the car sounds like it's blowing and has a horrible flat spot so I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, any help much appreciated :smile:


You're right that the Ktec normally has a flexi at the cat end. Maybe thay changed the design?

It could be a Predator manifold which has some unusual ball joint kind of things further up.

Yes standard main cat. The flat spot could be from that manifold on there not having the pre-cat.
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