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Thought I would introduce myself.

Have been a member over on ClioSport.net for a few years, but thought I would sign up here, as I have just returned to Clio ownership with an RB 197.

Not my first R.S. as had a 172 Cup and a Megane 265 in the past. Currently also own a couple of 90s Escort RS2000 rally cars which are for sale.

The 197 will be a daily for now, but want to freshen up a few bits and maybe add a few modifications. It's currently standard other than a stainless steel exhaust.

MVIMG_20190810_124858.jpg IMG_20190810_124908.jpg

Hello everyone!
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Thanks chaps.

I love the colour, my favourite shade on a 197, along with white. Almost ended up with a silver one, but it wasn't nearly as good as this one, despite less miles. A friend has a silver one too, so nice to be different.

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