Headlight seals


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Just got a brand new Valeo headlight fitted on the passenger side today as the old one was full of condensation and would blow the dip bulbs every so often.
Is there a common area where seal fails on these lights? I am keeping the old one as it it's spotless and in perfect condition besides wherever the moisture is getting in. I cant see any cracks or holes in the unit.
I have the Xenon D2S rare ones most are D1S, I had a lot of water in the light which would knock off the ballast until it dried out as it is located at the bottom of the headlight I found the body was cracked around the back the projector headlights are normally retro fitted and the most common source is breakers, the body and around the connector can have a fine crack some silicone can seal it a headlight can look good around the front but can be cracked at the back worth a check as I bought a new ballast but finding the source of the problem I did not need to use it.