Gearbox Reverse Switch, 2 pin or 3 pin?

Hi all,

I haven't actually had a chance to introduce myself yet but I'll be sure to post in the introductions once it stops raining and I can get some decent pics of my car!

But anyway my car is early 2007 Nimbus FF by the looks of everything and absolutely loving the car but I discovered yesterday that my reverse lights don't work and bulbs changed and nothing so I assume it's the switch but without taking off the airbox and battery cover and everything, is there a way of determining if it's the 3 pin or 2 pin connector? Like is it the earlier cars had one type and then they changed it for the later models? Or will I just have to wait and get of my bum and look?

It's a very early 2007 if it is by date.

Any help would be appreciated!

I'm not sure if a two pin switch was ever fitted to a Clio 197 or 200 but if your car has cruise control it most definitely uses a 3 pin switch with the following code: 8200177718