Engine running abit strange


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My car does need a service, but hasnt made much difference in the past.

The last couple of days when i start my car it starts as normal but then the revs drop more than usual and sounds kind of lumpy and abit stuttery for a couple of seconds, almost like it wants to stall.

Also when driving it seems i need to push it abit harder than usual to obtain the same speeds, not reving as freely as before, sometimes the rear brakes sticking slightly have done this but i know the difference.

Its currently running an ITG Maxogen which has always been perfect, but that also seems to have lost its growl abit, as if something is blocked. The filter could probably do with a clean, and obviously needs a service.

Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar??

My 197 feels this way too! Feels very stuttery when idle and just about to stall.
Perhaps it's normal? Doesn't feel it.
I read about the engines being mistimed. Perhaps this could be a reason? Has your cambelt been done?