Can't believe I forgot these 2, probably the songs that got me into dubstep

I'm more into my darker dubstep!
Big into this at the moment:



Some amazing tracks posted here.

Im half concidering a "removable" sub and amp combo for the Clio, so it can be dropped when its time to go for a pootle round the countryside, but have some heavy bass (as the standard speakers are pants) while sitting in traffic on the way to work :smile:
If u get a decent 10" the box will take up hardly any space. It needs to be strapped down for safety anyways, so will not slide when ur driving gets more urgent!
ive never been into dub step, it seems like a beat with random basslines. i cant get into it.

i love drum and bass though, its a shame they dont like them like they used to though.

is anyone into bouncy house at all?
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