Crank locking tool


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I'm looking at buying the genuine timing kit KAM racing are selling but Renault have discontinued the crank locking tool/setting rod (MOT1054). Does anyone have a good aftermarket alternative I can purchase? Or know the rough dimensions diameter, length etc. I've ended up using a drill bit on other engines!

Or if anyone is kind enough to let me rent their kit I'll pay handsomely
Telling me! Why would they discontinue one piece of the timing kit :flushed:

When looking last night that laser one seemed the only half decent one I could find, you can buy the crank TDC pin separately for £15 aswell.
I bought BGS8577 and Dayuan YT-1068 on Amazon last month. Less than £55 delivered. I'll use them next week, so no idea if they're quality or not