Corvette ZR1 - Protection Detail

Hey guys and girls,

Still waiting on my first Clio booking - hint hint - so until I do, you'll have to put up with me showing you some other work. I have loads of things to show you, a GTR sticks out in my mind, along with an Evo VIII... oh, a couple of 'vettes (this one and another!), and of course the Alfa 8C Spider that featured on Top Gear 8)

My Cliospor... oh, wrong forum.. My deals can be seen by clicking here.

For now, you'll have to put up with this monster. Some specs would read along the lines of 6.2ltr Supercharged V8, 638hp, 604lbs/ft, 6-speed manual, with 6-pot Brembo front calipers running 390mm carbon ceramic discs - even the rears run 380mm's through 4-pots!! It is the 5th fastest 'production car' around the Nurburgring, beaten only by Radical's or cars specifically designed with the 'ring / track in mind :scared:

Being as this car was situated at Bauer-Millett, whom I have good relations with, they called me up and asked me if I wouldn't mind dropping by to give their newly acquired ZR1 a bit of a tickle to get looking every bit the £120k price tag deserves. They have an exceptionally good valeting team there who can take care of the basics without instruction from me, so they got on with the washing side of it before I even arrived... my first job was to clay it;


Once clayed, I set about sorting the clearcoated carbon roof, which was suffering from a bit of cloudiness (can often happen with carbon, unfortunately) and the odd random scratch with some slight swirling..





So I sorted that out!! Not an easy task, no pressure either, they are mega expensive and would need to be shipped in from the States..



There were also some random marks around the paintwork, which were also dealt with..



Then it was time to get everything wiped down with CarPro Eraser to remove any fingerprints and polishing oils, before treating the paint to Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to prep the surface for waxing.. chosen wax was none other than the worlds finest..


Figured it would be pointless trying to show you all how it looked when curing on the paint, so here's the obligatory 'curing shot' on the roof instead..


And voila..







And there you have it. One awesome Corvette fully protected up with the best wax money can buy! A snip at £120k aswell, given it's performance superiority over Ferrari's et al! I think you may well be looking at a "UK FIRST" as the fan boys on DW say, as I don't think anyone else has laid their hands on one of these ZR1's from a detailing perspective!! And Bauer-Millett are the only UK supplier!

Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned to check out more work, hopefully some of it will be Clio related soon :lol:
Some more top-notch work Matt, hopefully someone will let you loose on one of our forum cars shortly
Nicely done Matt, it's not easy to show the results of your Magic on white cars but that does look bloody good.
Car looks amazing, I'm developing a soft spot for these yank motors. Just a shame they don't make them with the steering wheel on the proper side.

Great work mate, and look at those bloody stoppers!!
Thanks guys!!

I was taken out by the owner of the place in his Centennial Edition Z06, and sweet jesus that was a fast! In a life time of the motor industry in prestige and performance motors I've been out in some quick shizzle (and expensive shizzle, lol), but the Z06 was probably the quickest thing I've been out in. That was 'only' 550hp, so imagine another 90 on top of that for one of these ZR1's!!

I do quite a few bits for this dealership, I've been told I'll get a go in the ZR1 eventually...

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