Clio 3 RS F1 Team R27 Meglio

Hi guys,

i am Koza, 31, from Germany and i bought a Clio 3 RS F1 Team R27 with Megane 2 RS Engine + R26 Gearbox.
Black R27, real 50k km, M2RS engine with 275hp and 380NM
The car is actually stock except for the Megane engine.
For information: i drive Nordschleife with annual pass and my past cars are: Megane 2 RS, Megane 3 RS Trophy 275, Clio 4 RS Trophy 220, Megane 3 RS 250 Cup and now the Meglio.

The clio will be modified to a full trackcar and this is now the beginning :grimacing:

Pictures will be submitted later.

Today it went on.
Remove unimportant cables, remove ventilation box and tar mats.
+ And I started to close the ventilation on the dashboard and then let it flock


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