air conditoner re-gassed 3 times in 12 months

Hi all, I am a newbie from Australia and own a 2012 Clio Angel/Demon. The air conditioner has needed to be re-gassed 3 times in 12 months. Any clues as to why this is happening? My local air con guy thinks it may be the evaporator which is a massive job and is costly. He's checked it for leaks but nothing has shown up. Could it be something else? Cheers David.
Thanks for the link. The mechanic has used dye but has found no leaks. He's it's no the condenser but the evaporator behind the dash, so it needs to be pulled out to get to it. Any thoughts?


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My apologies. Yes if it’s the evaporator it will be a dash out job.

It’s not a bad job, just a lot of things to remove.
The next question is: if someone has an evaporator for sale, after stripping back their Clio for the track, where would I find one? The UK is a larger market than Australia. The only place I can buy one it is through Renault, which are super expensive. Cheers.
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Put a post up in the wanted section. I’m sure someone will have one.

I had a quick look on eBay and they’re around £80 minimum (new)
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