2000-2500 rpm flat spot engine sputter


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I had some starting issues which I fixed:
TDC sensor for OE, NGK plugs and Valeo green top coils, removed KN filter back to OE Renault.
Did an ECU reset. The car starts and runs super. Idle is pretty much stable.
Like a girlfriend, some days better than others, but generaly OK.

But I keep having this intermittent hesitation at 2-2.5K rpm, Engine holds back, starts to "crackle" like it is chocking.
This is so intermittent that I cannot really judge when it happens but it looks like : doing normal driving around 40mph, stop, take off normally 1 into 2nd gear then from 2-3K rev.. other gears are fine. There is no MIL, no codes, checked the O2 banks and these the graphs are just perfect. The only mod left is the AKRA exhaust.

Any thoughts?


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I've had a problem with the car I'm not sure if it will translate into Dutch but a hesitation or stutter and I knew it was not the normal car flat spot it would happen hot or cold. I bought the RS Tuner box from the Netherlands which showed while driving and when this happened indicated a short circuit in the front Lambda which did not show a fault at startup or when you restarted the car and no engine management light at any time during the problem. Also when the coil packs go faulty on the 197 and 200 cars there is no codes or engine warning lights I fixed a Clio cup for this in about 20 minutes which actually had two faulty coil packs and showed signs on the spark plug insulators which cylinders were affected. Check for water in the spark plug holes the windscreen washer pipes can split and leak water onto the head/holes causing problems especially cup cars that do not have the heat/sound deadening in the inside of the bonnet which protects the pipes from heat damage.
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