197 Dashboard mechanical noise

Hello everyone,

I own a 2009 197 and recently having a weird noise coming right behind the a/c button panel on the dashboard. This sound (to be precise :smile:)) TAK TAK TAK) only happens when turn off the engine and its just for seconds until I open the door, basically cut off the electric...

Any ideas? or suggestions where I should start looking?

hope to have your ideas and experiences with thanks..

It might be one of the AC venting flaps jammed which requires me to either inspect behind the AC control from the acceleration paddle side to see if I can pinpoint the source or remove the whole dashboard for better visual.

I'm guessing this noise evolved with time since I swapped all the engine and gearbox mounts to Black Powerflex maybe cause in addition to that noise, the steering wheel rattles on idle as well to the point I'm considering to let go the engine upper mount and see if that will help in eliminating / reduce.
OK there is a chance its one of the three servo motors clicking that move the heater box flaps two on one side and the third on the other side the picture is hard to understand but think of the pollen filter at the bottom and its long side is the vertical when its fitted to the car.
appreciate photos and explanations.
somehow it disappears, not sure if this is a good sign or not tho :smile:
I will take a closer look once I have time to unbolt some